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General Information

Artist: White
Title: White
Release Date: 2009, January 10
Label: Maybe Mars Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: MM8.1
ISRC: CN-A08-08-321-00
Credits: Artwork designed by B6

Track Listing

  1. 真的很德国 / Really Real, German
  2. 空间衰减 / Space Decay
  3. 春天剧场 / Spring House
  4. 砸壳 / Conch Crunch
  5. 北京啤酒 / Beijing Beer
  6. 持续循环 / Build A Link
  7. 火车 / Train Song
  8. 英语学校 / English School
  9. 墙上的名字 / Roswitha Strunk
  10. 倒下 / Falling Down
  11. 万户的47枚火箭 / 47 Rockets
  12. 路况信息 / Traffic Report
  13. 白 / Bai


  • (c) The Beijinger, Wang Ge, March 2009 issue

If you are still picturing Shen Jing (aka Shenggy) as that crazy chick from Hang on the Box, you’re in for a surprise. Her most recent work has been in the experimental electronica duo known as a collaboration with Carsick Cars’ guitarist Zhang Shouwang. As their self-titled debut album demonstrates, these two Beijing rockers have some electro-acoustic and industrial noise up their sleeves.

Originally recorded in Berlin in 2007, White is now being released domestically by Maybe Mars. Despite proclaiming themselves, at one point, to be minimalists, the duo has surely busied themselves on these recordings. Both contribute vocals, and they also play organ, theremin and percussion, in addition to sampling. The only minimalism on display here is in the lyrics, which are mostly borrowed from catchy slogans from TV commercials.

As a collage of Shouwang’s experimental guitar and Shenggy’s passionate electronica, this auditory adventure offers a compromise between the two for an unexpected easy-listening experience.

  • (c) Musicreviews.de, Nils Herzog, April 17th 2010
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WHITE verweigern sich allem, was einen klassischen Song ausmacht. Musikalischer Minimalismus prallt auf Noise-, Drone- und Free-Jazz-Einflüsse, vermengt mit klassischer chinesischer Musik. Abstrakte Avantgarde mit dröhnenden Industrial-Rhythmen verlangen dem Hörer alles ab, während lärmende Soundcollagen, effektbeladene Sprechpassagen und repetitive Muster an die Grenze des Zumutbaren treiben.

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Further information

  • Douban page
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  • This CD is also imported to Australia and released through tenzenmen - http://www.tenzenmen.com

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