When the light goes off (Triple Smash)

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General information

When the light goes off
Artist Triple Smash
English title When the light goes off
Date of release 2009
Release Type CDR / EP
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.


Triple Smash EP 2010.jpg


  • porduction: SOMA、Triple Smash
  • producer: Triple Smash
  • executive director: 江若微(Vivian Chiang)
  • music director: 李鑫(Jmf Lee)
  • production assistant: 江若豪(David Chiang)、曹丹 (Mike Cao)
  • studio: 索玛 ("Studio White" Of "Soma")


  • Guitars : Takamine Acoustic Guitar(Track 01,03), Gibson ES335 (Track,03,04),Fender Tele Japan(Track02)
  • Bass: Warwick Taranis 4string (Track02,03,04)
  • Drum: sonor Force 3007 From "The Honeys" studio(Track 02 03 04)


  • 张蔚 Wayde Zhang(Track02,04)
  • 木头 Woody Du(Track02)
  • 李鑫 Jmf Lee(Track01,02,03,04)
  • 于阗 Yu Tian(Track02,03,04)
  • 戴哲 Dai Zhe(Track02,03,04)
  • mastering porducer:嘉洋溢西(Jamyam Yeshe)&李鑫(Jmf Lee)
  • mastering studio:索玛(Studio White)
  • marketing supervisor:江若微(Vivian Chiang)
  • promotion supervisor&media:了子(Andy Yang)、江若微(Vivian Chiang)
  • band manager:江若微(Vivian Chiang)
  • cover designing:江若微(Vivian Chiang)
  • photogRaphy:江若微(Vivian Chiang),倪小宁(Nee),董敏(DM)
  • art director:江若微(Vivian Chiang),倪小宁(Nee)

Track Listing

  1. . Intro
  2. . Three Band
  3. . 无标题一 Untitled 1
  4. . 无标题二 Untitled 2
  5. . 无标题二混音版(嘉洋溢西) Untitled 1 (Remix By Jamyam yeshe)


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Further Information

available on Taobao.com
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