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General Information

Artist: RandomK(e)
Title: Waiting
Release Date: 2009, March 21
Label: Tag Team Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: English
Credits: Mixed by Martin Rawlins
Mastered by Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd) in England

Track Listing

  1. Anything
  2. Dim Mirrors
  3. Portrait of a Man in Freefall
  4. Bide
  5. Gauntlet of Fire
  6. Bleeding Hearts
  7. Speed Devil
  8. Of Our Own Device
  9. New Dawn Comes


Waiting is RandomK(e)’s debut full-length for Tag Team Records and finds the band capturing the explosive rush and emotional power of their live shows, where they range from creepy, pastoral interludes to headlong thunderous charges. Recorded in 2008 at Yi Long Studios in Bejing, mixed by Martin Rawlins and subsequently mastered by Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd) in England, Waiting is an immediate, visceral record. On it, RandomK(e) use riff, repetition, incremental layering, bursts of noise and sudden changes in pace and volume, all shot through with a dramatic sense of melody to provide new ways of seeing and feeling guitar-based rock.

But, more importantly than all of that, RandomK(e) manage to infuse their own brand of genre-hopping, quasi-experimental, kitchen-sink musicianship with emotion, playfulness and dare we say it, fun - albeit a dimly lit, walking down Chang An Dajie at 3am with a healthy buzz and your iPod dimed to 11 kind of fun! What they offer and the source of their appeal is more a full-bore sensory thrill ride than anything else. RandomK(e) want to take you to a faraway place and show you exciting things. And Waiting is the key.

Further Information

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