Visit - partial works - remix (Sulumi)

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General Information

Artist: Sulumi
Title: visit < partial works < remix
Release Date: 2005, September
Label: Shan Shui Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: SHS-004

Track Listing

  1. hi! today
  2. imuluk
  3. pussy in the taxi (remixed by B6)
  4. unhappy sul
  5. the secret of in the astrology
  6. mi2mi2 cat (saf remixed by kuma vs yoo-klid)
  7. northeurope northward
  8. mi2mi2 cat (remixed by amnjk)
  9. merry christmas Mr.sun
  10. mi2mi2 cat (cdr repure)
  11. bd2.56 MB (remixed by Saw test)
  12. micro love
  13. sulumi's pond (remixed by ME:MO)
  14. gamee ovr (remixed by Dead J)
  15. yellow nose
  16. mi2mi2 cat

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