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The Raving Radio, 癫狂收音机, Beijing-based Emo Rock

{{SemanticArtist |Name= The Raving Radio |FoundationPlace= Beijing |Genre= Emo, Screamo, Post Hardcore |CNName=癫狂收音机 |PYName= diānkuáng shōuyīnjī |Image= Image:Dksyj 11.jpg |ImageDescription= The Raving Radio | Years_active = 2003 - present |Bandmember= Vocals: Guo Wei

Drums: Zhen Song

Bass/Vocals: Tong Fei

Guitar: Guo Xiao Fei

Guitar: Liu Zhong Yuan |Formerbandmember= |Video=1tcH_5HuWhU



Formed in Summer 2003 by three university students, playing pop punk at that time.

We are living in an aging city which is going to meet the death. Time has sculptured this ancient city, which is also regarded as the capital, with its unique manner. So the city itself, burdened with glories and shames, past and possibilities, which it deserved or not, and waiting silently for the time of being perished, bleak and helpless. It's waiting for the moment when it can be regarded as a glimpse of the galaxies of histories, waiting to be read and acknowledged by its descendents, waiting to be known it once existed... In such city in which the borderline separating male and female, beauty and ugly is dimming, the image of pretty boys flashes in this ancient city from time to time, and also flashes in the music. At this very moment, the borderline separating pop and rock has also dimmed. In a time in which many things are mixing and incorporating, things once were distinct are now can't be mutually excluded, and closely tied. - MySpace Page, February 2007

The Band was first established in the summer of 2003, and it was organized by the former base player Guo Wei. At first, the band was constituted of three members: mayor singer/base player Guo Wei, guitar player/harmony singer Gao Gui, tambour Zhen Song. The band took PUNK POP as their mayor style. At that time, the three members are all undergraduate students at college. They often trained themselves in the spare time. In the very beginning, they sang other bands' works and then started to compose their own works. They made progress step by step.

However, all things considered, the band entered a long-term turndown. Unfortunately, the guitar player Gao Gui quitted the band at the end of 2004. As you can imagine, the band almost became a paralysis. Not until the beginning of 2005 did a new guitar player Cheng Gong join the band, which made the situation turn better. And they composed a few distinguished works at the same time.

Afterwards, the band turned their style slowly from PUNK POP to EMO and POST HARDCORE.

But the good time didn't last long. In June, 2005, the guitar player Cheng Gong quitted the band for personal reasons so that the band became a paralysis again. Not until August, 2005, did a new guitar player Guo Xiaofei joined in, which gave the band kind of refreshed energy. However, at that time, there were still only three members. After Liu Guo Xiaofei 's attendance, the band decided to search for another guitar player. As a result, guitar player Sun Changzhi attended the band in October of the same year.

The attendance of the two guitar players made the band feel refreshed. And the alteration of the members let the music style formally change to EMO, SCREAMO, POST HARDCORE. Just at the same time, the band began to compose abundant of EMO works and made distinguished progress.

Meanwhile, the bass player Guo Wei made up his mind to focus all his attention to sing for the band. Therefore, he made his friend Tong Fei replace him as a base player. Finally, a band with five members was set up. Then it became more and more mature by abundant calculative composing, exhausted training and frequent performing,which gained praises of the professionals and fans.

-- MySpace Page, November 2008





  • So Rock! Magazine 24
  • X-Music Magazine 313

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