The Performance of Identity (Xiao He)

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General Information

Artist: Xiao He
Title: 身份的表演 (shēnfèn de biǎoyǎn) / The Performance of Identity
Release Date: 2009, July 3
Label: Maybe Mars
Type: 2xCDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese
ISRC: CN-E33-09-301-00

Photography: Liu Xiaoliu
Artistic director: Zhang Yuedong
Make-up: Painted face by Wang Ha; Martial Sheng by Chen Xinping
Costumes: Meizi
Costumes partly supported by Spoon House
Sound Recording CD1: Xiao He (recorded late 2008)
Mixing: Xiao He
Translations: Jeroen Groenewegen

Track Listing

CD1 : 《身份的表演》 - The Performance of Identity

  1. 锯子爱你 (Saws love you)
  2. DiDi要 (DiDi wants It)
  3. 畅打腔》 (Smooth-Tha-Tune)
  4. MTV戏 (MTV Play)
  5. 评说记 (Record of Evaluation)
  6. 家家蹦蹦的做 (Doing it homely bouncily)
  7. 飞机上的韩国人 (The Korean on the plane)
  8. 考恩官 (Testing benevolent officials)
  9. 切朋友的生日 (The birthday of friend Cie)
  10. 家乐福找你 (Carrefour is looking for you)
  11. 世美颂 (Eulogy of world beauty)
  12. 第333次登月 (Ascending the moon for the 333rd time)
  13. 这是去哪 (Where does this go to)

CD2 : 《一个人的交响》 - One Man's Orchestra

  1. Ku Wa Ya (recorded in 2007 in Nameless Highland by Groenewegen)
  2. BiBi Bong (recorded in 2008 at Yugong Yishan by Song Yuzhe)
  3. Hei Hei (recorded in 2008 at Yugong Yishan by Song Yuzhe)
  4. A Wu (recorded in 2008 at Yugong Yishan by Zhao Dexin)
  5. Shui 18 (recorded in 2008 at 18ku by Groenewegen and Liem)
  6. Jing Yang (recorded in 2007 at MAO Live House by Groenewegen and Liem)


  • (c) The Beijinger, Wang Ge, July 2009 issue

When compared to his melodic solo debut, Birds That Can Fly High Don't Land on the Backs of Oxen That Can't Run Fast, the second album by Beijing experimental folk mystic and Glamorous Pharmacy frontman Xiao He pushes even closer to the edge between music and performance art. On this double CD release, he completely forsakes lyrics, using vocals as a minimalist instrument to accompany an acoustic guitar. The first disc borrows from Mongolian throat-singing, Taiwanese aboriginal folk and country-style blues, whereas disc two - ­titled "One Man's Orchestra" - ­is a collection of his live recordings. On the latter, he breaks away from the expected and goes wild with industrial noises, electronica samples and electric guitar, all while doing what he does best: improvising. True, sometimes he can get a bit crazy - ­hysterical, even - but he's also one of the most talented artists in Beijing, capable of creating astoundingly beautiful melodies.


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