The Molds

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The Molds



Liu Fang (bass)

Liu Ge (lead vocal/guitar)

Jia Wei (drum)


"the molds"乐队成立于2006年,开始是由(主唱)-奥迪 (吉他)-刘舸组成,由于2人都对美国乐队"the cramps"的喜爱所以确定了乐队初期的音乐风格,直到现在乐队还经常翻唱一些"the cramps"乐队的作品以表达对根源摇滚乐的追随. 从"the molds"乐队成立至今,成员一直在变动,直到现在才刚刚稳定下来 Vocal/Guitar:刘舸 Guitar:虹位 Bass:刘舫 Drum:贾伟 ,除主唱刘舸之外,其他成员各自也都有着自己的乐队.而刘舸自从2000年开始也曾经担任过多支PUNK乐队的主唱. 由于乐队对曾经英年早逝的许多音乐家,艺术家的崇拜,所以现在乐队名字更换为"the molds英年早逝" ,现在乐队的音乐颇具60's ychotic rock气质,有时也会玩一些50's rockabilly的音乐,在他们的现场更加能感觉到他们对根源摇滚乐的热爱与追随. 自2007年底,他们以全新的状态出现在北京各个摇滚酒吧,LIVE HOUSE. 每次演出他们与众不同的音乐点燃了所有现场观众的激情,给所有听过他们音乐的人都带来了新的感觉.

On February 27th, 2010, they performed in the D-22. According to Alex of Beijing Gig Guide: They reminded me of Pavement’s “Killing Moon” and had that Don­nie Darko sound­track sort of vibe, but unfor­tu­nately they were short one man and miss­ing a lot of energy. I stuck around for a cou­ple of songs for the sake of the new beer that I had pur­chased, but ended up bail­ing after about twenty min­utes. Hope­fully the next time I catch them will be more inspiring.[1]

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