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Sun Rain, (太阳雨乐团) Beijing Rock Band



Sun Rain (太阳雨乐团) was established in 2007 in Beijing, currently a four-man group. As the members are engaged in music, they have worked as part of MIDI music. They wish to have more commitment to creativity, arranger, and live performances. They believe music is full of youth and high spirits, must have a good melody, but should also be very close to the lyrics of today's fashion, especially fast-paced city life. Band members portray the sun's image, character and optimism; being strong, and always filled with love for the music industry.

2009-11-07 @ 21:30 : Old What? Bar (with SSS, Defense of the Ancients)

2009-11-28 @ 21:30 : Old What? Bar (with Pacaloco, Green Tea)

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