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Shan Shui Records


General information

Founded in December 2002 by Sun Dawei. The label is just a simple gathering place of electronic music, without any specific concept or music taste for itself. The first release V.A landscape gathered many electronic artists from China and overseas. It has generated a new electronic music space in China.

In the following year, he released two compilation albums Dine Together with People and Green Pepper & Cacti. In these two albums, yinyang has become the main idea to express movement and stillness. 2005 is a remarkable year for him, in which he released his first album sulumi - visit < partial works < remix, also produced a solo album for foreign artist COVOX. In the same year compilation album V.A landscape 2 was released, which was the second compilation album of Sun Dawei's indie label "Landscape". "V.A landscape 2" reached every corner of the world and was complimented by the music magazine WIRE. With the harmonious musical style, this album stressed a lot in melody and again, was a perfect combination of movement and stillness.

Release Timeline

2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

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H.I.D.D.E.N (LIman)

Dirty Party (LIman)
Chaotic Dances the Function (Sulumi)

Acoustic View (ME:MO)

I know someone will look into my eyes tomorrow (Sulumi)

2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

Visit - partial works - remix (Sulumi)
Shop For The Insomniac (Sulumi)
Nijigen Gangsta E.P (AMNJK)
Landscape 2 (VA)
Don't break my core (iloop)

Green pepper & cacti (VA)
Dine together with 7 people (VA)

Landscape (VA)

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