Secret Of Black Silk Stokkings (The Dark Prison Massacre)

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General Information

Artist: The Dark Prison Massacre
Title: 黑丝袜的秘密 / Secret Of Black Silk Stokkings
Release Date: 2010, December
Label: Divine Massacre Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: DM 005
Credits: ---

Track Listing

  1. 成熟肉体的较量
  2. 黑丝袜的秘密
  3. 我的鸡巴就是真理
  4. 来自阴道的教会
  5. 医虐
  6. 被陷害的人妻
  7. Ovulation Overlord (PLASMA COVER)
  8. 成熟肉体的较量(伴奏)
  9. 被陷害的人妻(伴奏)

Further Information

  • This album was released in 3 different versions with different album covers
  • Douban
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