Scream for the Chinese Rock'n'Roll Yesterday (VA)

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Scream for the Chinese Rock'n'Roll Yesterday

chn. original title: 呐喊:为了中国曾经的摇滚

General information

Artists: Various Artists

Released: 2002

Record Label: Jingwen Records


  • Qi He Ban - Scarborough Fair (七合板乐队 - 斯卡保罗集市 / cover song of Martin Carthy)
  • Tang Dynasty - Purple Haze (唐朝乐队-粉雾)
  • The Breathing - Want to embrace you everytime (呼吸乐队-每次都想拥抱你)
  • Overload - The shades of ancestors (超载乐队-祖先的阴影)
  • Black Panther - Masquerade (黑豹乐队 - 脸谱)
  • 1989 - Aphrodisia of the five skandhas (1989乐队-五阴炽盛)
  • Black Panther - Dont spoil it (黑豹乐队-别去糟蹋)
  • Again - The fircy road of Yang Zhou 轮回乐队-烽火扬州路
  • Self Education - Wipe off the tears (自我教育-擦去眼泪)
  • Luo Qi & The Compass - I m just a little bird (罗琦+指南针乐队-我是一只小小鸟 / cover song of a famous Taiwan pop song by ...)


Booklet pages and listenings: [[1]]

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