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Resist! Resist!, Shanghai electronic/rock band



Synth - Morgan Short (also Boys Climbing Ropes)

Vocals - Lucy Brydon

Keyboard - Natalee Blagden

Drums - Tim Anderson (also Mortal Fools)


Formed in 2009.

Their first show was as a three-piece band at the Antidote Festival in May 2009. The debut show with their current lineup (adding Tim Anderson on the drums) was on September 16th 2009 at Yuyintang.[1]

Already moving up in Shanghai's small scene, Resist Resist have opened for superstars like YACHT from the United States, and they were the first (so far only) band to play at Not Me (club).

November 21st, 2009, they performed during the Rock for Roots & Shoots event at the Yuyintang, Shanghai. According to Jake Newby: Resist Resist kicked things off. They get better every time I see them and the addition of Tim Anderson on the drums has made a real difference. If there'd been more people there, everyone would have been dancing like crazy.[2]

Further Information


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