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Referencing templates

To easen the use of referenes throughout the Rock in China project, major references are described below.

Names should be introduced for each reference, when it is used more than once.


Grillot, C. (2001). Dixia Chengdu / Chengdu Underground. Ateliers, 24 (2001) : 211-258. (pdf)

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Wang, Q. (2007). The Crisis of Chinese Rock in the mid-1990s: Weakness in Form or Weakness in Content. (pdf)

Further Online Resources

O'Dell, D. (August 2002). Brief History of China's Punk Rock Scene in That's Beijing. (url) retrieved on 2008-08-04

Schwankert, S. (September 1995). Beijing Rocks: Rockin' in the Not-So-Free World (uurl, retrieved on 2008-08-01

Yan, J. Ten Years, A Snapshot For Chinese New Music

Further ressources online

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