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Feel free to experiment with the wiki syntax here.

For more information see the help.


in-Browser Chinese Input

More Info in Chinese:

Collapsible Tables

Main Articles: Modern Sky Records | Modern Sky Festival
Modern Sky Festivals: 2009 | 2008 | 2007
Strawberry Festivals: 2010 | 2009
Zoo Festivals: 2009

for other coding issues about wiki tables please see [1]

Infoxbox Artists

For the infobox of artists use the following code:

{{Infobox Artists
| NameEN =
| NameCN =
| NamePY =
| Img =
| Description =
| Origin =
| Genre =
| Years_active =
| Current_members =
| Past_members =
| Preview =

Restricted Pages

{{Restricted Pages}} results in:

RiCt Tests

Simpel test:

English term Chinese term
guitar amp

{{RiCt|guitar amp|GuiTa}}

English term Chinese term

guitar amp


Zweite Bedeutung

{{RiCt | guitar amp | GuiTa Zweite Bedeutung }}

Category Intersection

This Extention has been modified by Yang, adding "mode = ricstyle" and changing the default order methode according to the page_title instead of timestamp !!! but you have to add "order = ascending" cuz the order default still is descending!

To index or list the common range (intersection) of article items among two or multiple categories.



category = Bejing Artists

category = Jazz Artists

mode = ricstyle

order = ascending


this will show all Beijing JAzz Artists in classic RiC style ("ricstyle": lined up with bars between items). You can add more categories for the determination. As for display "mode", you also can use "ordered" for numbered listing or "unordered" for bulleted listing. adding "notcategory = xxxx" will exclude items from a category.


Metal Band Forming Timeline


Rgd. DIV Boxes

<div style="width:30%; border:2px solid red; background-color: #000000; padding:7px; margin-left: 7px; margin-bottom: 7px; float:right; clear: right;position: relative;">

this is the start code for the DIV box of Template:Metal in China and Template:History Box

With the position:relative and clear:right the boxes can be shown under each other like in History of Metal in China.

One has to end every box with </div>

Languange version

Share This

<sharethis />

Variables Playground

{{PAGESINCAT:Artists}} would output: 2,104

{{PAGESINCAT:Records}} would output: 945

RSS Feed

{{#widget:Feed |feedurl= |chan=y |num=5 |desc=300 |date=n |targ=n }}

the code snipet would result the following output:

Warning: Smarty error: problem writing temporary file '/var/www/vhosts/' in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 1095

{{#widget:Feed |feedurl= |chan=y |num=5 |desc=300 |date=n |targ=n }}

the code snipet would result the following output:

Warning: Smarty error: problem writing temporary file '/var/www/vhosts/' in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 1095

Twitter Feed

Warning: Smarty error: problem writing temporary file '/var/www/vhosts/' in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 1095

Flickr Slideshow

A Flickr SlideShow:
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But also a SlideShow by the the flickr-Clone called is possible on the same way:
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New Pages

<news onlynew permalinks namespaces="main|Rock in China Wiki">

  • [[{{{pagename}}}]]



Lets say this would be a source verified sentence. Then I want to add a source. [1]

  1. me (2008-07-20). "test".
If necessary you can also just use the <ref>-tag without a template to do footnotes or style citations manually. -- Matsch 16:17, 28 July 2008 (UTC)

Ref-Template exsample:

<ref>{{cite web | title=test | author=me | url= | date=2008-07-20 }}</ref>

dont forget to place the tag <references/> at the foot of the page to list out all ref entries.


These [B]BBCodes[/B] can be used:

   NOPARSE: Tells the parser not to convert any BBCodes between these tags. Useful for posting examples.
   FONT: Changes the font-face of the text.
   SIZE: Changes the font-size of the text. Does not allow for HTML +/- or integer only sizes. Must be valid CSS (i.e. px, pt, %, em, etc.)
   COLOR: Changes the foreground color of the text.
   BGCOLOR: Changes the background color of the text. Good for highlighting.
   B: Bold text.
   I: Italic text.
   U: Underline text.
   S: Strikeout text.
   SUP: Superscript.
   SUB: Subscript.
   HR: Insert a horizontal rule.
   LINE: Insert a horizontal line. Duplicates HR because my users hate the term Horizontal Rule. 











[[Image:Sample.gif|300px|link=Main_Page|alt=Main Page]]


Main Page

see also:




Options: in the gallery tag it can be added an attribute to regulate the rows shown on the gallery, the standart value is perrow=4

exsample: a 5-row gallery of bands

<gallery perrow=5>
File:Confucius Says 2010.jpg|[[Confucius Says|Confucius Says & Qiu Ye]] 子曰秋野
File:Cui_Jian.jpg|[[Cui Jian]] 崔健
File:Hanggai_11.jpg|[[Hanggai]] 杭盖
File:Misandao.jpg|[[MiSanDao]] 蜜三刀
File:Bitterfaith 13.jpg|[[Miserable Faith]] 痛仰 
File:Muma 2010.jpg|[[Muma & Third Party]] 木玛 & Third Party 
File:Nova_Heart.jpg|[[Nova Heart]]
File:2ndhandrose_14.jpg|[[Second Hand Rose]] 二手玫瑰
File:Shanren.jpg|[[Shanren]] 山人


NEXT Player


Pinyin Coverter

an usefull chn. to pinyin converter can be found here: Pinyin Converter

I am using for this for as long as I can think of. -- Matsch 23:07, 6 April 2008 (UTC)

Video Test

Normal version:

Smaller version:

Youtube Channel

EmbedVideo does not recognize the video service "youtubepl".

Supported Video Services so far:

  • dailymotion
  • funnyordie
  • googlevideo
  • sevenload
  • revver
  • youtube
  • youtubepl - for Playlists/Channels
  • tudou
  • myspace
  • youku
  • vimeo


go to a myspace page, find the myspace flash player and click on the link "open player in a new window" to open the popup player. try to get into the source code of the popup browser window and get the code after "" and embrace it like this (without spaces of course):

[ if ] d=CoDeBlAbLaBlA= [ /if ]

Note: if you dont want it to start auto play, just cut the code part "&u=LTE=&s=MA==" out! actually it seems that the whole code part "&n=aHR0cDovL211c2ljLm15c3BhY2UuY29tLw==&u=LTE=&s=MA==&t=dW5kZWZpbmVk&p=" is useless, if you simply want to embed the player somewhere.

Tip: better use firefox browser because you can get the source code of the popup window per mouse menu.

Here is the result:

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