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Chinese Music History Project
compiling the most detailed, complete and free online music history of China
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Main Articles


Media Material

The following pages are to be added:

Please see also the individual subgenres of Folk that we would like to expand in terms of historical development. You can read the guideline on history articles to get an idea on how to structure such an article.

We are looking for book sources, websites, articles, thesis, journal papers, online encyclopedias, etc.

In particular we are looking for

  • Reference pages to biographies of famous musicians
  • Outline timelines for major milestones in Chinese music history
  • Detailed reference pages or books about individual music developments in dynasties
  • Detailed accounts on the time of Chinese civil war / establishment of the PRC and its impact on Chinese music history

This wiki has already an extensive collection of articles, however most of them are related to contemporary music and not to traditional music.

Contribute and mentioned more references on this subpage: Music-China Wiki:Chinese Music History/References.

We are looking for open content, public domain or free copyright videos, images, sketches and other media that can be used to visualize the history of Chinese Music.

In particular we are looking for

  • Pictures of paintings showing musicians in various dynasties
  • Photos of excavated instruments
  • Photos of the late 19th / early 20th century in China
  • Videos of Chinese folk music
  • Sketches of timelines
  • etc.

Check for example the known public domain sources we have used so far. Please feel free to introduce new sources or sites that offer free content for our project.

Contribute and mentioned more media sources on this subpage: Music-China Wiki:Chinese Music History/Materials.

General information

Welcome to the project pages of the Chinese Music History project at If this is your first time on a Wiki system, we recommend your read through the guideline to join the project to understand how you can register on this wiki and start contributing. It is easier than you might think it is.

If you have any questions of whatsoever nature, please feel free to contact User:Azchael with the following email: AZCHAEL AT ROCKINCHINA DOT COM. Or alternatively, leave us a message on the discussion page of this project.

Check out what the general plan is to not only improve the knowledge here, but also to cross-reference it to Wikipedia.

Read about the benefits of this project.

As this wiki is based upon open content and RDF technology, see how you can extract pages and make backups.

For promotion purposes, please use this File:Chinese Music History.pdf.


This is the History Template which shows the major sub articles of this project that are already in place:

Project Communication

There will be regular blog posts on the blog about this project.

In addition to this, everyone who is sending an email to AZCHAEL AT ROCKINCHINA DOT COM with the request for inclusion into the project newsletter will receive a weekly or monthly newslet on the project developments, starting from March 24th 2013 onwards. Respective newslets will also be uploaded to this wiki.

Current blog posts:

Date Title Link
April 30th 2013 Newsletter 4
April 12th 2013 Newsletter 3
April 1st 2013 Newsletter 2
March 24th 2013 Newsletter 1
March 11th 2013 Project: Chinese Music History

Please use this File:Chinese Music History.pdf for a quick summary and brief introduction to this project. Distribution expressively allowed.


Institutes & Organisations: to be updated

Individual Users: Azchael

Templates & Technologies

Please use the template {{History}} on all major history-related pages. You can edit the template here.

This wiki is based upon the Mediawiki software utilized by Wikipedia. In addition several semantic extensions have been installed that enable our datasets to be included in the Open Linked Data Cloud.

As part of this project a number of limitations in the used software systems came to light for which technical support is required:

  • MAPS can currently only show particular points (markers) but not overlay polygons. For this MAPS needs to be updated to the latest version which also requires the update of:
    • PHP from 5.2 to 5.3
    • Ubuntu Operating System to latest version
  • Timelines cannot display BC dates without breaking the order of timeline event bands
  • Special:Special Pages is broken due to a re-definition of class for SFUploadWindow, solution: upgrade to PHP 5.3

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