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About Music-China.org & Rockinchina.com


It is our vision is to become the world's and the web's largest online knowledge base about Chinese music.


The team of 'Rock in China' & 'Music-China' is committed to present the music scene of China and to show it to the English speaking world. With a particular focus of the "new sounds of China", RockinChina.com presents rock, metal, punk, jazz and other modern genres. Music-China.org is also covering traditional music, Chinese Opera, Cantopop, Mandopop as well as classical music.


A. To completely map the Chinese music scene

B. To make the music of China available to listeners worldwide

C. To provide a knowledge base to global research

D. To ensure that this wiki stays a non-commercial and non-profit community effort


Having started in April 2004 the page was first hosted at http://www.painkillermag.com, homepage of China's first and biggest Heavy Music magazine, based in China. Together with Yu Yang, International Relations at Painkiller, Azchael (aka Max-Leonhard von Schaper) started the page - named Metal in China - giving a rough and short overview about the most known metal acts in Beijing.

The main reason for starting the page had been the simple fact that there had been no English information available about Chinese metal or rock at all in the internet at that time. Those pages that popped up, died quickly and where soon not reachable.

Soon after, the page extended and extended with more and more information available online. Beginning to Middle of 2005 the page changed it's approach and moved to its own domain www.rockinchina.com. With the new name, the focus of content changed from previous metal-concentrated content to now underground music in general with articles about Metal, Rock, Jazz, Electro, HipHop and Punk.

At the end of 2005, the underlaying structure of rockinchina.com finally moved from plain HTML files to a content management generated php approach with databases for bands and events used by persons from all over the world. From content management to a wiki, Rock in China has even strengthend its community ideas.

As official partners of the Midi Music Festival Beijing in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 and the media partners of institutions such as the Goethe Institut Beijing, Rock in China is constantly developing, evolving and growing. Why don't you join today?

Our team compromises so far of Azchael, Yang and Matsch.

Timeline of Rock in China

April 2004, Rock in China starts as subsection named Metal in China at www.painkillermag.com

Late 2004: Moved to china.painkillermag.com

Mid 2005: Went to a own domain www.rockinchina.com

Autumn/Winter 2005: Upgraded to a CMS driven system.

May/June 2006: Opened RiC Labs and the RiC Radio.

June 2006: Cooperation with chaile.org starts at the Chaile / RiC Wiki.

September 2006: RiC starts a Blog at Wordpress.

November 2006: After a certain down time, RiC moves to a German server and is online again.

December 2006, RiC opens its own wiki.

February 2007: RiC collaborates with Last.fm and starts it's own non-commercial promotion label, getting bands such as Hang on the Box, Tookoo, No Name, Blood Funk and The Fuck'ndrolls to work with them.

January 2008: Rock in China becomes an official partner of the Midi Music Festival.

April 2008: Rock in China prepares the official English web infos for the May Midi Music Festival 2008 and becomes a media partner of the German Esplanade.

September 2008: Rock in China prepares the official English web infos for the October Midi Music Festival 2008.

October 2008: Rock in China becomes a media partner of the 20th anniversary of the Goethe-institut.

November 2008: Rock in China started a cooperation with the Institute of Sinology at the University of Heidelberg. (link)

December 2008: Rock in China started their search for volunteers.

January 2009: Rock in China starts the translation of Der Lange Marsch des Rock'n'Roll, one of the groundbreaking publications about China's rock history.

April 2009: Rock in China prepares the official English web infos for the May Midi Music Festival 2009 in Zhenjiang, for the Strawberry Music Festival 2009 in Beijing and the 2009 Beijing Midi Night of Midi in Beijing.

July 2009: The books Noises Inside and Noises In-Burning by Yan Jun are published at RiC. Over 1000 artists at RiC!

October 2009: A partnership with Tianjin Expats (url) was forged for Tianjin-related articles. RiC is becoming part of the jury for the Midi Awards 2009.

December 2009 / January 2010: Rock in China becomes Media Partner of the Midi Music Festival 2010.

February / March 2010: Together with the guys behind www.metalcon.de, RockCon is started, a cultural exchange association for German and Chinese bands.

November 2012: Music-China.org is born and new Main Pages for Traditional music, Mainstream music and Classical music are set up.

Description Stats
Artists 2,104
Records 945
Articles 479
Operas 414
Pages 12,790
Views 19,729,460
Edits 55,573

Featured in media

Rock in China was featured twice in publications of the Insider's Guide to Beijing series as one of the, if not THE, best websites for foreigners to get infos on Chinese rock. (publications: 2006 and 2007)

China Music Radar: Rock in China is by far the most comprehensive English language resource on Chinese contemporary music. - link

Beijing Review: the most comprehensive Web portal there is on Chinese rock - link

Smart Shanghai: ...they also provide a great way to kill a few hours on the internet with their wiki articles. - link

Our cooperations

Midi Music Festival: Rock in China became the official partner of the Midi Festival 2008.

Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine: The Painkiller Heavy Metal Magazine of Beijing, for which both Yang and Azchael contributed time and effort. Both magazine and rockinchina.com work close together to support each other where they can.

www.yaogun.com: The biggest Japanese webpage about Chinese rock by Yiren. Both yaogun.com and rockinchina.com work together in knowledge exchange, photo exchange and mutual help to cover all information about Chinese rock.

Dennis Rea: Jazz artists that extensively toured Mainland China. Rockinchina.com has published his articles.

Yan Jun: Famous music critic of China, rockinchina.com published one of his articles.

www.shanghaistreets.net: Music webpage of Shanghai. Mutual support.

www.chaile.org: Music Blog; Cooperation at the Wiki

Andreas Steen, Chinese music researcher and author of Der Lange Marsch des Rock'n'Roll

Jereon Groenewegen, Chinese music researcher and author of Tongue - Making sense of Beijing underground rock, 1997-2004

Angela Diane Steele, Researcher on Hip Hop in China and author of the thesis Zai Beijing: A Cultural Study of Hip Hop

University of Heidelberg (Germany), Institute of Sinology, working together on the Rock in China Collection.

Tianjin Expats by integrating our Tianjin-related pages into their site.

MetalCon, a German hard rock / metal portal partnering with RiC

And many more...

Media partnership and Projects of RiC


A list of interviews conducted with Rock in China:

How to contact us?

Azchael :: MLvonSchaper (at) yahoo (dot) de

Yang :: yang (at) rockinchina (dot) com


This wiki is based upon the following sources:
  • First hand contacts with bands, artists, reporters, music fans and music critics
  • Numerous online articles hidden in the deep web
  • The most extensive rock database ever: Yaogun
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  • Articles and books published in Europea, America and China
  • Wikipedia, Musicbrainz, Freebase, DBpedia, Youtube and a number of other online databases
  • Variours blogs about Chinese music
  • A vast collection of CDs, DVDs, tapes and LPs
  • The collective knowledge of all Users of this wiki

What others say (about us)

I hope there will be more and more, better and better websites like this. I think they're a good thing. - Miyadudu (Cold Fairyland)

I think RockinChina is a cool webzine in China. Rock / alternative music is not easy to spread by TV or radio www.rockinchina.com is the way! - Dark Vampire

I think rockinchina is the best website for foreigner to find out undergrund music scene of China. - Dead J

It's professional and comprehensive in chinese rock. - Hedgehog

I love rockinchina.com. - Brian (Hollow)

It's very informative & well written. I think it's great that rockinchina is passionate about music. - Simon (On9)

I hope rockinchina.com will rock the world. - Xiao Chuan (Tookoo)

You guys are doing a great job with Rock in China site. One of the first profiles I ever read about Yin Tsang was on your site. - Angela Steel (Hip Hop in China (Blog))

(Eure) Homepage ist natuerlich super; ich selbst benutze sie des oefteren, zitiere sie in Fussnoten und empfehle sie grundsaetzlich auch allen Studenten und Interessierten - Andreas Steen (Assistant Professor at the Aarhus University, Denmark)

...massive respect for what you guys do with RockinChina - China Music Radar

...local classic...features very useful information...In summary, this is a a great stop for all music geeks wondering about the lay of the Chinese underground music scene... - Layabozi - link to review

Rockinchina.com deserves particular mention for their encyclopaedic and just plain amazing resource. - Jon Campbell in his Acknowledgements to Red Rock

Thank you for making Rock in China WIKI exist! - Dennis Nichols of Zang Nan Recordings

A very good website, the Chinese rock music more introduced to foreign - Rao Rong, vocalist of Ashtemato

It is the fundamental of the scene. - Ian of Die In Velvet

Rock in china is a great project!!! it can let many foreigners know about chinese rock band and live events! - Yu Bin of Monkey King

I think Rock in China will be a very good platform to promote rock music in China to the rest of the world. - Joe Wu of Mensheng

It is a great website for people who like rock and any other indie-music in China. It has substantial informations and it also is a good way for underground bands in China to promote their music to the world. - Tao of Thyhazard

Rock in China is a rock bridge connecting with overseas. All in all I think Rock in China must exist! - Raving Jokes

We consider Rock in China as one of the few professional websites which serves for rock music. It gives a great impetus to China rock scene. - Shut Up! Shut Down!

Great work ! - Nature of Tengger Cavalry

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