Mental Magic (Dead J)

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General Information

Artist: Dead J
Title: Mental Magic / 幻术 (huàn shù)
Release Date: 2006, September
Label: Guava Music (Modern Sky Records)
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: G018
Recording / Mixing: Dead J
Mastering: Chen Dong (Modern Sky Recording Studio)
Distribution Coordinator: Fancy Fan
Promotion Coordinator: Jin
Graphic Design: Michelle Liu

Track Listing

  1. the flowers in the mirror 镜花
  2. magnetic force 磁力
  3. mirage 幻景
  4. cloud particle 云粒
  5. cloud 云
  6. china fuzz(remix)
  7. moon on the water 水月
  8. mirror 镜面
  9. human machine 人是机器
  10. unconsciousness 无意识
  11. winter fog 雪雾
  12. china fuzz(bonus track)

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