Live Concert in Beijing (Cui Jian)

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General Information

Artist: Cui Jian
Title: Live Concert in Beijing
Release Date: 1993
Label: Tianjing Yin Xian
Type: Tape
Catalog No.: ---
Language: Chinese
ISRC: ---
Credits: ---

Track Listing

  1. 不 是 我 不 明 白
  2. 解 决
  3. 这 儿 的 空 间
  4. 假 省 僧
  5. 花 房 姑 娘
  6. 寂 寞 就 是 一 团 烈 火
  7. 一 块 红 布
  8. 一 无 所 有


(c) Jack Tang (5 out of 5 stars)

I never knew this album exists until I found the tape in Guangzhou one day by accident. This is the live recording of the benefit concert for the Chinese Cancer Foundation in early '93. The line-up for the concert is Cui Jian and ADO with Zang Tiansu as keyboardist. The arrangement and presentation of the songs are similar to the album version but not exactly alike. The opening saxophone melody added to 假 行 僧 is a very nice touch. In the middle of 寂 寞 就 是 一 团 火, the band break into a jam session while Cui Jian introduces band members. Almost every member of the band perform a solo in this part, "showing off" their great talents, and it sounds great. The album in its entirety is a wonderful example of what a great concert should be: great vocal and instrumental performance, good sound, refreshing arrangement. For those of us who are not lucky enough to see Cui Jian live, this could be a nice substitute for a while. The only thing this album lack is the number of songs. And can anyone tell me if there's a CD version? (My tape is about to be worn out.)


Further Information

  • Recording of a benefit concert for the Chinese Cancer Foundation in early '93

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