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Kirin Kid Productions Ltd (KKP) was found in 1997 by the famous Chinese Producer Mr. Jin Cheng. He has been the artist manager of Taiwan’s legendary Magic Stone Rec. for mainland China and helped the cult band Tang Dynasty to release their heavy rock milestone “Dreaming back to Tang Dynasty”. Later on he has been the productive supervisor for domestic affairs at Red Star Productions from Hong Kong, where he co-produced bestseller records like Zheng Jun’s <Nude>, Tian Zhen’s <Tian Zhen> etc. After its foundation KKP Records successfully released two of pop diva Han Hong’s best albums “Snow City Shining” and “Awake now”, Black Panther’s Black Panther V“ and other outputs of ‘Li Shao Long’ and ‘The Frogs (Band)’ etc. KKP’s recording studios are the best one available in China, here is the preferred choice of most of the front lining artists to their recordings and productions, such as ‘Wang Fei (Faye Wong)’, ‘Tan Yon Lin(Alan Tam)’, ‘Na Ying’, ‘Sun Nan’, ‘Yu Quan (group)’, ‘Han Hong’, ‘Zhang Ya dong’, ‘Xiao Ke’, ‘Pu Shu’, ‘Liu Huan’, ‘Zheng Jun’, ‘Black Panther (Band)’, ‘Tang Dynasty (Band)’ etc.

Main fields: Music and Record productions, artist management and booking agency, music performance planning and organisation, sound and music productions for film and TV, film and TV show-casting products.

Signed Artists: Han Hong, Black Panther, The Frogs, Dragon Tongue, Q-Ki, etc.

Studios: KKP's Theatre Studios is one of the best in whole China and most of the fame of Chinese Pop were recorded and produced in here, where again Mr. Cheng were involved in arrangements, engineering, instrumentation, mix & master etc.

New Business: KKP is going to do more collaboration with western companies to bring foregn artists into the Chinese Market but also try to open new ways to make Chn. Artists suitable for western Market.'s Yang was helping this label on many current collaborational projects with foregn companies.

More information about this absolute best Chinese Record Label please visit their english website (most of the content was translated and formulated by Yang!) : or

KKP - a shortcut of important steps

1997 KKP Rec. has been found.

1998 Produced and planning done for signed artist Han Hongs debut album <Snow City Shining>, nation wide release in September and other promotion activities.

1998 organized a successful live show for Hang Hon’s <Snow City Shining>.

1997 and 1998 participated in organizing and planning the “Beijing International Jazz Festival” of both years, providing light, p.a. and stage equipments for these events.

1997 And 1998 organizing the “National Day Celebration Concert” for the US Embassy, incl. providing light, backlines, p.a. and stage equipments.

1998 Providing p.a. and stage equipments and music instruments for [Channel V]’s (Hong Kong TV) “Carlsberg Club V” Concert.

1998 Organizing the “X2000” Export of New Music Press Conference in collaboration with Channel V and Beijing Bum bus Book Culture Co.

1998 Organizing 100th Broadcasting Anniversary Concert for Beijing Music Radio’s ”College Music”, providing p.a./stage equipments and backlines.

1998 – November, planning and organizing a Beijing College Tour for Han Hong.

1998 Organizing several headlining gigs for Chinese frontline Rock Bands like ‘Black Panther (Band)’, ‘Tang Dynasty (Band)’, ‘Zang Tian Shuo’ etc. in Beijing and other cities, providing p.a./stage equipments and backlines.

In our company’s own studios, The Theatre Studios, we use 48 channel digital mixing consoles and did recording/producing services for the most famous Chinese artists like ‘Black Panther (Band)’, ‘Tang Dynasty (Band)’, ‘Zang Tian Shuo’, ‘Wang Fei (Faye Wong)’, ‘Zheng Jun’, ‘Dou Wei’, ‘Wu Si Kai’, ‘Dai Zheng Xiao’, ’Na Ying’, ‘Li Chun Bo’, ‘Zhang Ya Dong’, ‘Xiao Ke’, ‘Mao Ning’, ‘Chen Ming’, ‘Cheng Fang Yuan’, ‘Sun Yue’, etc. Planning and producing a live performing music show “Radio Live” in collaboration with Beijing Music Radio, broadcasting since the beginning of 1999. Founding a fan club for Beijing Music Radio listeners and organizing big fan meeting event, providing light, backlines, p.a. and stage equipments. Organizing the <High Bloom> fan meeting concert for ‘Zheng Jun’ and Beijing Music Radio, providing backlines, p.a. and stage equipments. Organizing Beijing Music Radio’s “China Pop Song Charts” Year 1999 Award Event, providing light, backlines, p.a. and stage equipments.

2000 - December, releasing Chinese rap guru’s self-titled debut album
  • . 2001 - May, releasing Han Hong’s second album <Awake now>. 2002 - February, releasing the self-titled debut album of China’s new rock-idols, The Frogs. 2003 - July, independent sub label Vigour Disk Rec. released a mini-album <Fallen Nobles> of the indie rock band Apotheosis. 2003 - November, released the debut album “Vigor” for vigorous rock youngsters Q-Ki. 2004 - July, releasing the fifth long player for Chinese leading rock band Black Panther. 2004 - July, released the second album <New Miracle> for The Frogs. 2004 - August, independent hip hop sub label Dragon Tongue released hip hop compilation album <Dragon Tongue I>, featuring all the best Chinese MC artists. 2005 - Participated in planning and organizing the nation wide tour for Hong Kong’s star rockers Beyond, this tour containing over 20 gigs incl. China Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. KKP’s artists Black Panther were invited as the only special guest for the whole tour. 2005/2006 New releases are planed for our signed artists which include Black Panther’s sixth album, The Frogs’ third album, Q-Ki’s second album, the second hip hop compilation “Dragon Tongue II” and the debut album of the hip hop band Dragon Tongue. 2006 - May, starting the preparations for the collaboration project for Big Help Music artist Marie Batchelder to performe in China. One year ago, a market research deligation from Assosiation for British Independent Label (AIM) was visiting China and contacting all the most important Chn. label. This project is the first and only project that could be established so far. 2006 - August/September, Marie and Big Help Music arrived in Beijing for two concerts with The Frogs at the Forbidden City Concert Hall and at Peking University Hall and diverse promotional activities in Beijing, recording sessions for Marie's new album and then heading for Shanghai to perform further VIP Club Gig at the famous Heping Hotel Penthouse Club and other upper class places. With them they brought the deepest interest of BBC, AIM and British Music Export Office on this first real Exchange on live music. 2006 - September. A 2nd deligation of AIM member labels is visiting Beijing. KKP held a detailed one-hour presentation on the topic "None-Chinese Music on Chn. Market" which is considered as the best presentation of AIM's China visit.
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