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Hyonblud is a Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about Hyonblud



English Name Hyonblud
Genre Brutal Death Metal, Goregrind
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Vocals - Wang Mian (王冕)
Guitar - Zhang Mo (张末)
Bass - Pei Lei (裴磊) (Ritual Day)
Drums - Sun Ke (孙克) (ex-Hades, ex-Regicide)

Former band members


One of the best Chinese grinders, based in Beijing.

HYONBLUD is a brutal death metal band based in Beijing, China. Formerly known as Cervical Erosion, then changed to Gorgasm, then finally named as HYONBLUD. The lineup of the band is:Wami (vocal), Cheng Cheng (guitar), Zhang Mo (guitar), Pei Lei (bass), Sun Ke (drums). The fisrt two members are me and the bassist Pei Lei (he's also in RITUAL DAY). Then the drummer Sun Ke joined us. The vocalist is Wami. We cooperate very well now, the improvement is slower now but steady. We are preparing our debut album. The original plan is to release it in the end of 2005 but it seems that it have to be delayed to 2007. In this process we met a lot of troubles and pressure:work,study,family,even living. We all know it's pretty hard to do a extreme metal band in China!!! \M/ \M/ - from their MySpace




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