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How to use this wiki

This wiki is based upon the MEDIAWIKI software developed by the WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION, famous for online encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA. With the help of several extensions, amongst others the SEMANTIC MEDIAWIKI extension, we have created a unique online archive of Chinese music.

You can use this wiki to learn more about Chinese culture, to add information and research existing information.

Being based on MEDIAWIKI, all general topics for editing, formatting, etc. are being covered in the general Mediawiki User Guide

Further help pages

There are a number of pages helping to explain what is possible and what can be done on this wiki, please see:

How to contribute to this wiki

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this wiki. The best way to find out about what is needed to be done, is to have a look at our our ToDo list and adding some pages, e.g.:

How to search content

There are a number of ways to search content on this wiki:
  1. You can use the SEARCH function usually located on the left side in the sidebar
  2. You can drill down all data via respective Categories, e.g. Category:Artists
  3. You can do a semantic search via our Semantic Mediawiki extension.

Extracting Pages and Making Backups

As this wiki is based upon public domain and open content, as well as RDF technology, read how to extract pages and make backups.


There are a number of templates being used in this wiki. Some of them pertain to Semantic Mediawiki functions, as listed in our semantic approach project page. Others are freely available to be placed, such as {{zh}} which would show a Chinese flag
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A major template that is and should be used is <ref>{{cite web | author= | title= | url= | date= | accessdate=}}</ref>.

This ref tag and cite web template is used in conjunction with <references/> which is usually placed at the bottom of an article page and helps to generate a footnote or references list.

Data Models

Being a semantic Mediawiki a lot of the data entered at one page is being re-used at other parts of the wiki. In the following are a few of the data flowcharts so it is easier for you to understand how data is being used and how you can help to improve it. All classes and properties are described at the semantic approch article.


An opera calls data from:

  • OperaStyle

An opera role calls data from:

  • OperaStyle

An opera character calls data from:

  • Opera Role
  • Opera
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Skins & Views

Depending whether you come from the domain or you will see the same wiki in either a black/red skin or in a white/red skin.

You can see these skins here:

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