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Hot Catch Cold (热伤风, rè shāngfēng), Beijing/Tongzhou rock'n'roll band


Vocals, bass: LGC

Guitars: Rollren

Drums: Wu Lijun


Beijing band, that formed in December 1999.

All the way ReShangFeng -- from their Douban page

ReShangFeng, all the way (ReShangFeng means to act immorally with a great passion.)

About 1997, Rollren was acquainted with Lgc through the introduction of a classmate named Fengfeng. The two felt like old friends at the first meeting. Lgc borrowed his rock magazines and cracked tapes to Rollren. During a period of time after this, they often exchanged what they had learnt from cracked tapes and rock music.

At that time, Lgc have played acoustic guitar for about one year, then Rollren decided to buy an acoustic guitar for learning. Soon he bought a small acoustic guitar with fifty Yuan through Lgc’s social connection and began to practice hard on it. Not too long later, Rollren composed the song “Feeling of Being Alive”, which reflected the view of reality then.

In 1998, Lgc and Rollren set up the “Angel Comrade” temporary guitar combo. In the end of this year, they spent half a day recording a tape demo of “Angel Comrade” in Rollren’s home. Lgc painted the cover and inside pages. And they took and broadcast it in dormitory and school. During this time, Lgc composed “Variety Lemon”, “Youth”, “Time”, etc.

In 1999, they turned to the age of eighteen and Lgc graduated from polytechnic school. After working for five months, the extremely vacuous Lgc found Rollren, and they decided to continue their band. They changed the band’s name to “ReShangFeng” on account that the former name “Angel Comrade” might be misunderstood as homosexual. Actually, their real intention was to “act immorally with a great passion”. Each of them bought electrophonic musical instruments in December, 1999. The ReShangFeng Band was formally founded. Lgc was the leading singer and bassist, and Rollren played electronic guitar. Their rehearsal place was Rollren’s single room.

In 2000, they made up a new composition. In order to record it for fun, they asked Rollren’s nabs Zhang Guoyan to play the “cylinder” drum (because of lack of financial condition then, the so-called “cylinder” drum was made by plastic buckets which was sealed with wide tape). Due to his fierce playing, the “drum skin” was broken and the two plastic buckets into pieces. Lgc was struck with admiration and soon became good friends with Zhang. Before long, ReShangFeng’s rock activity group added Wu Lijun, Wang Jianpeng, etc. and much more interesting activities, such as drinking beers, eating brochettes and engaging in talk, appeared in their lives.

2001 to 2002 was their peak. Lgc and Rollren compiled some rock compositions which were often played, such as “Willful Destruction” “Harmony” and “Fine Spring”. Even they had little time, but they would rehearse together in unsure places and for uncertain purposes. For more enjoyable, they practiced in a very cheap bungalow rented near Beiguan, Tongzhou in winter of 2002. There was no heating installation in the bungalow, so they prepared Erguotou (a kind of wine) to keep warm. They were especially thankful to Zhang Guoyan who carried quilts and sponge mats to them by driving a flat tricycle. Under the effect of ReShangFeng, Wu Lijun soon borrowed some money and bought a set of trap drum to rehearsal room then attended us. Wu nearly became a regular member of ReShangFeng. (Wu was very busy and had little time to play with others together at that time. Thus drum sound in the record were played by Rollren and Lgc.)

In winter of 2002, it snowed in few days and big enough. In a shabby bungalow in front of a wasteland located in the north of Beiguan, Tongzhou, only saw five or six young fellows shivering in a quilt. They may as following: Lgc, Rollren, Zhang Guoyan, Wu Lijun, Wang Jianpeng and Weiyu.

This rehearsal activity was ended after Lgc busted the instruments recklessly. The reason was unknown.

In 2003, because of the SARS, the band could not rehearsal together, and then Lgc wrote some songs like “When Unrequited Love Has Been memories”, etc. After the SARS, at the invitation of Wu Lijun, ReShangFeng came to Wu’s and practiced a highly successful “Willful Destruction”. But then ReShangFeng and Wu Lijun came into collision and broke with each other for a while.

Over the next three years, although the band had some rehearsal, their enthusiasm to rock was not equal to before.

In summer of 2006, ReShangFeng Band announced their provisional dissolution as guitarist Rollren was getting married. Lgc compiled and sorted out their former records, and then made a memorial CD “ReShangFeng 1999-2006”. Rollren recorded two guitar songs in it. Wu Lijun has been reconciled with ReShangFeng and participated harmony in a song. There are ten CDs left in the world.

October, 2009, ReShangFeng published the album “ReShangFeng”.

November, 2009, three songs from ReShangFeng were embodied into the compilation album “Wu Shi San”.

Location of ReShangFeng: Tongzhou Region, Beijing.

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