Honeyed And Killed (Hedgehog)

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General information

Honeyed And Killed
Artist Hedgehog
English title Honeyed And Killed
Publisher Modern Sky Records
Date of release 2011
Release Type CD
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Track Listing

  1. 埋葬在阳光下 Buried In The Sun
  2. 杀死你的时代 Kill Your Age
  3. 甜蜜与杀害 Honeyed And Killed
  4. 你好,糖果 Hello Candy
  5. 纸飞机 Paper Airplane
  6. 白娃娃 Wet White Doll
  7. 疯狂生死恋 Crazy Love And Dead
  8. 橙色 Orange
  9. 最后,我们会一起去海边 The End
  10. 生命意味 Life Means


  • (c) Jake Newby, May 31st 2011

The jingle-jangle bounce-along hooks that gave Hedgehog their initial appeal have long since disappeared from their recorded material. Unfortunately, whereas 2009’s Blue Daydreaming replaced the cutesier parts with a more mature sound without sacrificing their energy, on Honeyed and Killed all the languid, sighing vocals and tripped-out guitar parts tend to mean Hedgehog wash over you, rather than get stuck in your head like they once did with songs like ‘Toy & 61 Festival’.


Further Information

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