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General information

Hidden Agenda (Hongkong)
Hidden Agenda Logo
City Hongkong
Address Hidden Agenda Live House / 2A Wing Fu Industrial Building / 15 - 17 Tai Yip Street / Kwun Tong
Geographical Location 22° 18' 57" N, 114° 12' 57" E
Phone 0085291706073
Active 2009 -

Hidden Agenda is a live music venue in Hong Kong.

General Information

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  • NEW ADDRESS: Hidden Agenda Live House / 2A Wing Fu Industrial Building / 15 - 17 Tai Yip Street / Kwun Tong
  • FORMER LOCATION: 6/F, Ko Leung Industrial Bldg, 25 Tai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Phone: 852-91706073

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Flyer for Hidden Agenda Relocation Live Concert Series

Hidden Agenda begins in 2009. Couple of post-80s music lovers came up with a crazy thought: transforming a band practice room, which was situated in a Kwun Tong industrial building, into a live house for indie music. A year went by, with lots of trial and error, it became a local band scene’s hot spot, and a nice venue for foreign musicians as they travelling on their Asia tour. However, the so call “Industrial Building Revitalization” act by the government struck, and Hidden Agenda was forced to terminate the venue. People wrote their names and words on the main door, and the door was given to the Art Development Council as an artwork after the artists’ parade against revitalization.

A new location was found in a very short time, and Hidden Agenda restart everything once again. With experiences and many helping hands, there were improvements. The new venue could hold more than 300 audiences, a bigger stage was built, and better sound system has been installed. Also there is now room to build a lounge for performers, a bar for drinks, and a place for street art products and indie label CDs called Hidden Shop. Within one year, more than 60 music shows for local and international artists were organized, with diverse genre such as rock, heavy metal, jazz, folk, punk, post-rock, reggae, visual rock, hip-hop, experimental noise, techno etc. The audience and artists have the best possible indie experience. In the end of 2010, Hidden Agenda was picked by Time Out Magazine (HK) as the best venue in Hong Kong. In fact, many artists from abroad are taking Hidden Agenda as the local version of the legendary CBGB.

In December 2011, Hidden Agenda got notice that their lease contract would not be extended and they organized a series of concerts entitled "Relocation" to provide funds for relocating the live house to another premises.


The Rotten Land Music Camp.

Hidden Agenda & Psyonic Boom & Heavy organize a festival called The Rotten Land Music Camp (大爛地音樂營) in a rather remote area Tai Tong Lychee Garden (That's why they provide shuttle bus service). This is first one three stages festival in Hong Kong on December 11, 2010.[1][2]
Hidden Agenda Stage lineup: Nu Ren, Chan Tai Man, Noughts And Exes, Pusshi Ta-chi, Shepherds The Weak, Intellectual Morons, This Is Ammunition, Purple Express, The Innercore, Milkshake 7, Protoss, Elysium, Liu.
At December 12 12:00am, Hidden Agenda Stage all the power has been cut off, failed to complete successfully.

Hidden Agenda posted note on Facebook:
"We left the crowded city with our back-packs, to some where remote for our music. At 10pm, we encountered the first police warning. Within one hour they came again and interrupted the festival. Around midnight, the police demanded we turn all the volumn to a 'acceptable' level, but all of a sudden all the power has been cut off, including the very basic lightings for pedestrians.
We apologized deeply for failing to run the show as we hoped. Let's keep on trial and error, expands the local performance culture as well as the arts and culture tolerance. Let us hope the police cannot stop our music."

"We grow tougher and better because of the oppression, that's the spirit of indie-music!

Some people so shocked that at such a remote place there's still someone out there that will complain.


From 2009–present has been involved in concert Artist / Band

    • Hong Kong:Chock Ma、Chochukmo、Evocation、Shepherds The Weak、Maniac、UNiXX、Hungry Ghosts、Elf Fatima、The InnerCore、Fragile、Embryo、FaceFace、Staway、Juicy Ning、An Id Signal、Killer Soap、In Love And Pain!、Tonick、de;novo、Venue、The Darlings、Error Wrong、Wilmer Ongsitco Chan、Liu、Armoth、Nocturnal Rose、The Squawk、Lin Lei Chi、Tie Shu Lan、Weepin' Rose、Protoss、More Reverb、Corey Tam、Say You Care、Miracle、Ghost Word、Never N、The Evening Primrose、The Grand Experiment、Cycle、Narcissus、Noughts And Exes、Orgasm Denial、Thorn Slaughter、GhostTown、Eli、Crazy Lion、Dovey、Wilson Tsang、Thomas、Allergenic、Sin:Ned、Sensi Lion、The Time Traveler、Life Was All Silence、Rachel Believes In Me、Sinfonia、Intellectual Morons、Snoblind、DJ Ameet、Flame Of Abyss、Ben Bridges、Link、For Fran、tusk7、Dirty Eels、Chan Tai Man、Peri M、D Crew、Ancient Spirit、Simon Griffin、Purple Express、Fad、MNI Music Selector、DJ Pandalyn、Jeff and Leora、MatchBox、Brown Note Collective、Luxury、Ketchup、Eve Of Sin、DJ Jeez、13th Empire、Old Man On The Chair、Luke Chow、Cafe Fiore、No One Remains Virgin、JoyTrendySound、Psyc' Lover、Kong Tou Zhi Piao、RubberBand、Labyrinth、Benny & Friends、Daughter、Oi! Squad、KWC、Eccentric、ZoundZ、Fruitpunch、Hallowmas、5 Dollar Tux、DJ VOnE、Sensor Sound、Nostalgia、Rainbowtron、Mystic Dream、See-Saw、Speak In Mantra、Memoimoil、Defiant Scum、Sway Dog、Ching Mo、DJ Wash、KILLER BEEz、False Alarm、Dynamic、Nuclear、GriN、Red、Modern Children、fermata、Mango532、The Lovesong、Los en Found、Masaki x Lui x Hang、Karat、Ascetics、22 Cats、DJ Kuldip、Oliver、Hatred In Eyes、Fistiwave、Reverie、Twisterella、Hazden、Pale Boy、Day Break On Monday、Live Fast Die、Amino Shower、Reign Lee、Milkshake 7、Misery、Feel Of All、ZeitGeisT、DJ Stef:Funn、Frozen Matches、Motion Fades、Nu Ren、Ignite The Hope、Zhen Dui Ren Lei、yellk、Looter、Sexy Hammer、Paranoid、Adversary、PAL PAL、Vrank、Peter Scherr、Special Brew、Elysium、A Roller Control、Wu So Lui、Wong Sau Yan、This Is Ammunition、DJ BloodDunza、Sorrow、Milkteeth、DJ Swazigold、The Mooches、Senseless、King Zhi、Heroses、Dau Ngau Gang、Pusshi Ta-chi、Very Ape、Downer31G、Zodiac、Darkness Pool、Soul Of Ears、Underklot、New Tonic Press、Laid Back、Band Wagon、Five PM、Blaster、Suricatas、Black Wine、DSC、Unbridled Knight、Utopian、Purgatory、Orthon、Cadaver、Flashkid、Arho Sunny、Mr. T.A.K、85 Crew、Kz、Kenneth Tsang (Modern Children)、Edmu​nd Leung、The Bonkers、Die In Velvet、AhKok Wong、Nelson Hiu、G La G La Di Guo、Nicotine、Karma、eateatmon、MAsquer、Dickson Dee、Alok
    • Taiwan:Chthonic、Anthelion、Blair Witch、The Hindsight、Solemn、Go Chic、Andrew Page
    • Macau:Forget The G、Jun Kung、Villain、DJ N1D、UNI-k
    • USA:The Chariot、Caspian、Emmure、Anberlin、John Shina、Michael Blake、Devics、DJ Just Charlie、Joseph Arthur、Eyal Maoz、DJ Enso、Thee Out Mods、Teddy Kumpel、Arms And Sleepers、Brian O'Reilly
    • Japan:Metal Safari、Green Pepe、DJ Asayo、HanallicaMotayo、Jan Linton、10 (itta x marqido)
    • Thailand:The Standards
    • Australia:Tamas Wells
    • UK:Goober Gun、Timothy C. Holehouse、Horacio Pollard、Ross S. Seizure、DJ Glenn Logic、DJ RSD、Dadahack
    • Germany:Mio Myo、Nazi Dogs、Pitchtuner
    • France:Yeepee、Papier Tigre、DJ Solaris、Syd Matters
    • Switzerland:Dada Ante Portas
    • Sweden:JJ
    • Finland:Meri Nikula、Moon Cakes、Kärtsy
    • Holland:Monokino
    • Italy:The Medullary Paralysis、Tommaso Cappellato、Ataraxia
    • Philippines:Skychurch、Caliph8
    • Indonesia:Bottlesmoker
    • Singapore:wyxmm
    • New Zealand:Die! Die! Die!、DJ Johnny Kon、DJ Synaptic
    • Canada:The Besnard Lakes、DJ Yao、MC Rebearth、Your Favorite Enemies
    • Spain:Brazzaville、DJ Fat Yauman
    • Poland:Zbigniew Karkowski


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