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Hanging Gardens
2008年9月7日のライブ(写真:ROCK 0093)

Hanging Gardens (Kongzhong Huayuan), Shanghai Britrock band



Vocals: Jia Lei 石頭 (Ghost)

Guitar: Ruan Feng Ryan (Magic Garden)

Bass: Tan Zhen 談振(十夕) (Bloody Mary)

Drums: Xia Wei Gong 夏爲公 (Magic Garden)

Former members



Guitar: 呉雲峰 (Bloody Mary)




Formed in 2008, originally as Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but thereafter shortened to Hanging Gardens.

July 19th, they performed in the Yu Yin Tang. July 25th, they performed in the Yu Yin Tang. Thereafter they performed in twenty different Jiangsu and Zhejiang cities between July and October. September 7th, they performed in the Yu Yin Tang. October 24th, they performed in the Yu Yin Tang. October 31st, they performed in the Zhi Jiang Dream Factory. November 22nd, they performed in the Yu Yin Tang.

Asked by Lisa Movius on their 2008 tour, Jia Lei answers:

"A few people knew we would play and there was only standing room, so they would bring a chair from home,"[1]

Ruan Feng (guitarist) adds:

"We were most impressed at Zhouzhuang – a lot of people came to see us. The most important thing is feeling. We were all helping each other out, and bonded a lot."[1]

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