Downtown Production (Brain Failure)

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General Information

Artist: Brain Failure
Title: 仅限二环以内 (jǐn xiàn èr huán yǐnèi) / Downtown Production
Release Date: 2009, May 1
Label: Bad News Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:

Track Listing

  1. Box on the Broken Ball / 球盒世界
  2. Go on the TV Show / 更好的TV Show
  3. Ideal of Shinjuku (feat. MC YAN) / 理想的新街口
  4. Come Back Home / 回家
  5. Ambulance of love / 爱的急救车
  6. Rock’n’Roll Lover / 空弹的琴人
  7. Rock’n’Roll is not so bad / 摇滚乐还成
  8. Trouble / 麻烦事儿
  9. I’m The Trouble Shooter / 我是顽主
  10. Song of Guerillas / 游击队之歌
  11. Summer Night / 仲夏之夜
  12. You’re welcome to this city - Beijing / 欢迎你来到这个城市-北京


  • (c) The Beijinger, Lisa Liang, July 2009 issue

Brain Failure was one of the first Chinese bands to be classified as punk rock, but you wouldn't know it from their latest album, which sounds more like a mixture of classic rock, blues and ska. A majority of the tracks are quite mellow and pleasant -­ adjectives usually not reserved for those of the School of Punk. Still, palatable can't be worse than offensive, and Downtown Production is definitely nice on the ears.

This fourth album features the well-publicized collaboration between Brain Failure and Chuck D ­- one of the first alliances of its kind, at least when it comes to seminal punk bands from China working with seminal figures in American hip-hop. Unfortunately, "A Box on the Broken Ball" is not among the better tracks on the album (largely due to Chuck D's less-than-impressive contribution). Luckily, Xiao Rong shines -­ as he does throughout- ­ and remains as raspy and all-or-nothing as ever.


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