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Title Author Publication Year Publisher Subject
Chinese Rocks Peter Baird 2013 BookBaby Rock
Red Rock Jonathan Campbell 2011 Earnshaw Books Rock
The Narrative Arts of Tianjin: Between Music and Language Francesca Sborgi Lawson 2011 Ashgate Publishing Limited Tianjin
Tianjin Popular Tunes
Beijing Drumsong
Comic Routines
Chinese Music and Musical Instruments Xi Qiang 2011 Better Link Press History of music in China
Inseparable David O'Dell 2011 David O'Dell Punk
Brain Failure
P.K. 14
Shan'ge, the 'Mountain Songs': Love Songs in Ming China (Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia) Yasushi Oki, Paolo Santangelo 2011 Brill Academic Pub Mountain Songs
Big in China: My Unlikely Adventure Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Reinventing Myself in Beijing Alan Paul 2011 HarperCollins e-books Woodie Alan
Chinese Entertainment Chan Kwok-Bun 2011 Routledge Chapman & Hall Rock
Peking Opera: The Performance Behind the Painted Faces Chengbei Xu 2010 China Intercontinental Press Beijing Opera
Directory of Chinese instrumental music in early recordings Weitao Zheng 2010 Traditional
Fan Bai = Chinese Buddhist Monastic Chants Pi-Yen Chen 2010 A-R Editions, Inc Ritual Songs
China's Kulturszene ab 2000 CultureScapes, Juriaan Cooiman, Katharina Schneider-Roos, Stefanie Thiedig 2010 Christoph Merian Verlag (Publishing House Basel)
A Critical History of New Music in China C. C. Liu 2010 The Chinese University Press Classical
Music of the Republic of China
Music of the People's Republic of China
China with a Cut Jeroen de Kloet 2010 Amsterdam University Press
Ritual and Music of North China: Shaanbei: 2 (Soas Musicology Series) Stephen Jones 2009 Ashgate Publishing Limited Shaanbei
Mei Lanfang and Peking opera Richard Fu-Sen Yang 2009 Foreign Language Press Chinese Opera
Beijing Opera
Mei Lanfang
China Underground Zachary Mexico 2009 Soft Skull Press
Sound Kapital: Beijing's Music Underground Matthew Niederhauser 2009 PowerHouse Books Queen Sea Big Shark
AV Okubo
Carsick Cars
Ourself Beside Me
The Gar
24 Hours
Casino Demon
P.K. 14
Pet Conspiracy
New Pants
Lonely China Day
Yugong Yishan
2 Kolegas
Music in Ancient China: An Archaeological and Art Historical Study of Strings, Winds, and Drums during the Eastern Zhou and Han Periods (770 BCE-220 CE) Ingrid Furniss 2008 Cambria Press Eastern Zhou Music
Qin Dynasty Music
Western Han Music
Eastern Han Music
Shanghai Soundbites 07/08 Tim Franco 2008
Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture Alexandra B. Bond 2008 University of Hawaii Press Beijing Opera
Music in China: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture Frederick Lau 2007 Oxford University Press
Insider's Guide to Beijing 2007 Managing editor: Adam Pillsbury 2007 Immersion Guides Jon Campbell
Live at the Forbidden City Dennis Rea 2006 IUniverse Cui Jian
The Tapestry of Popular Songs in 16th- And 17th-Century China: Reading, Imitation, and Desire Kathryn A. Lowry 2005 Brill Academic Pub Ming Dynasty Music
Qing Dynasty Music
Noises In-Burning Yan Jun 2004 Jiangsu Literature Publishers 江苏文艺出版社 Wang Feng
Sonq dynasty musical sources and their interpretation Rulan Chao Pian 2003 The Chinese University Press Traditional
UnderGroundGround Yan Jun 2002
Red Sonic Trajectories ­ Rock in China Jeroen de Kloet 2001 Thesis (doctoral)--Universiteit van Amsterdam (and within the IIAS Newsletter) Rock
Mongolian Music, Dance, and Oral Narrative Carole Pegg 2001 University of Washington Press Folk
Inner Mongolia Folk
中国音乐文化大观 Jiang Jing 2001 Beijing Daxue Chubanshe Traditional
Noises Inside Yan Jun 2001 Foreign Languages Press 外文出版社 Cui Jian
Dangerous tunes Barbara Mittler 1997 Harrassowitz
Der Lange Marsch des Rock'n'Roll Andreas Steen 1996 LIT Verlag Cui Jian
The Breathing
Tang Dynasty
Black Panther
He Yong
BAP övver China Gerhard Hirschfeld and Jesko Sander 1989 Vorwärts Verlag GmbH
Ritual music in Bronze Age China Lothar von Falkenhausen 1988 Traditional
Ritual Music
Essays on Sino-Korean musicology Robert C. Provine 1988 Il Ji Sa
Music of the Billion: An Introduction to Chinese Musical Culture David Mingyue Liang 1985 Heinrichshofen Traditional
Music from the Tang Court Laurence Ernest Rowland Picken 1985 Cambridge University Press Traditional
A critical study of Chu Tsai-yü's contribution to the theory of equal temperament in Chinese music Robinson, Kenneth 1980 Steiner Traditional
On Chinese music Tsai-Ping Liang 1976 Youth Cultural Enterprises Co.
A History of Chinese Drama William Dolby 1976 Barnes & Noble Books Chinese Opera
A guide to Chinese music Mei-po Chao 1969
Foundations of Chinese Musical Art John Hazedel Levis 1963 Paragon Reprint Traditional
The Character and Function of Music in Chinese Culture Bliss Mitchell Wiant 1946 George Peabody College for Teachers Traditional
The lore of the Chinese lute Robert Hans van Gulik 1940 Sophia university Traditional
Remarks on Chinese music and musical instruments Chih Meng 1932 China institute in America Traditional
Eine geschichtliche Untersuchung uber das chinesische Orchester bis zum 17. Jahrhundert Xiao Youmei 1919 University of Leipzig Traditional
Essai historique: Musique classique des Chinois Maurice Courant 1912 Librairie Ch. Delagrave Traditional
Beitrage zur Erforschung der chinesischen Musik nach phonographischen Aufnahmen Erich Fischer 1910 Breitkopf & Härtel Thesis
… further results
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