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Automatic Records Timeline

This is an automatic overview of records released in China in recent years. Compilations have been excluded. The same can be seen in the Automatic Compilation Records Timeline.

An overview of all records (including unknown ones), you can see in the Chinese Records Timeline.

2013 2012 2011

AEONS (Shepherds The Weak)
Eltham Join (Pairs)
Oslo-Beijing Folk+Metal Compilation (Project)

0.7 (Wang Wen)
Amber (Borkr)
Grandparent (Pairs)
I'll Be Your Mirror (Dear Eloise)
La Chupacabra (The Fever Machine)
Lord Of Twilight (Fearless)
Oslo-Beijing Folk+Metal Compilation (Project)
Our Songs B-side You (Stegosaurus?)
Purple Pachyderm (Stegosaurus?)
Shanghai Void (Stalin Gardens)
Soundtrack to a Wasted Day (Even Less)
Strawberry (Saul)
Sun Fun Gun (Hedgehog)
The Beginning (or) The Ending (From the Red)
The Illusion of Dawn (The Illusion of Dawn)
The Night Is Darkening (Whisper Of Tears)
The beauty of scenery resides in its sorrow (Somber Poetry For Dying Thee)
This Is Our Moment (Chaos Mind)
Time Will Prove (King Ly Chee)
Whalesong (The Samans)
Winter Mirage (Zuriaake)
鳳凰絕 (Tomb)

1911 (Zhao Ze)
2011 (Kasasis/Zwrust)
2011 DEstroy meMOries (Hedgehog)
2014 (Good Luck Good Bye)
A Travel Book (Bai Shui)
Ajinai (Ajinai)
An Expedition of Haze and Thorns (WiderFahren)
Anaesthetization (Heartless)
Beyond the Ocean (NewTank)
Bittersweet (KillerSoap)
Bomb Your Brain (The Fuzz)
Bone Hug (Bigger Bang)
Chongwu Tongmou (Pet Conspiracy)
City of Heartbreak'n Horror (Rustic)
Come And Get Me (Multi-Ego)
Dying Away In The Deep Fall (Dopamine)
Evolution (Muma & Third Party)
Forgotten Woods in Autumn's Silence (Raflum)
Goodnight HongKong (Tookoo)
Green Orchestra Party (Wanderlust)
His Own Strange Songs (Vergissmeinnicht)
Honeyed And Killed (Hedgehog)
Humbling Tides (Stranded Horse)
Husband (The Dancers)
I.I (Be Persecuted)
In Another Life (Even Less)
Jeanine the Wolverine (Bad Mamasan)
Khan (The Samans)
Kolengke (IZ)
Lake of Mirrors (Luke)
Larus Canus (The Grinding Ear)
Meat Sucks (Meat Sucks)
Midnight (Kasasis)
Moonless Acheron (Moonless Acheron)
My Claw is Never Limp! (Friend Or Foe)
My soul's dark (Toreador)
New Year Special (Meat Sucks)
No Leader (Four Five)
None Of That Matters (In It)
Omnibus Locis Fit Caedes (PerfututuM)
One Hundred Years Of Emptiness (Mother Darkness)
Precipitation (Why Lazy)
Reform (Jane Zhang)
Reprieve: The Auspicious Occurrences of Dr. Chen's Past Lives (Proximity Butterfly)
Return of the King (Lacerate)
Sex Drugs Internet (New Pants)
She Will Wait / Could You Be There (Carsick Cars)
Silly's Ballad (Xiao He)
South II (48V)
Sports (Duck Fight Goose)
Still Alive (Hedgehog)
Summer Sweat (Pairs)
Summon The Spirits (Nagzul)
Sunesu Cavalry (Tengger Cavalry)
Tai Chi Reggae (The Way of the Dragon God)
The Frosty Heart in Snowstorm (In The Abyss)
The Mantra (Tengger Cavalry)
The Memories On The Battlefield (EvilMare)
The small town called Nilke (The Travellers)
Those Freezing Days (Fuzzy Mood)
To the Great Eternity I (Genocide)
Way of Your Life (The Barque of Dante)
Where Maps End (Rainbow Danger Club)
Witches Sabbath (Tomb)
Wonderful Day (The Life Journey)
You Are Always in the War (Crack)
花拾叁樓主人 (Bai Shui)
转山 (Yaksa)
黑乐章 (Fall Insects)

2010 2009 2008

"New World Order" To Save Earth (The Falling)
2010 Demo (Be Persecuted)
2010 Never Knows (Hot and Cold)
7 Deadly Sins (UNiXX)
Amen (My Own Private Alaska)
Autopsia (Autopsia)
Black Invocation (Black Invocation)
Blood Sacrifice Shaman (Tengger Cavalry)
Bloom (Miserable Faith)
Cafe pour deux (Mademoiselle et son Orchestre)
Cang Lang Xing (Zhao Ze)
Chainsaw Legions (Misshapen Hatred)
Curse Rampant (Curse Rampant)
Deep Mountains (Deep Mountains)
Demo (Raflum)
Dialogue (Soviet Pop)
Dopamine (Dopamine)
Except for the Darkness (Boys Climbing Ropes)
Flow (Duck Fight Goose)
Future Eyes (Snapline)
HaHa!! (The Fuzz)
Hateful Soul (Original Sin)
He Who Travels Far (HangGai)
Hey, Young Man (Liu Kun)
Hidden Woodland (Darkness over Depth)
Hunt in a Kindergaten (Psycho Killer)
Inherent Capability For Evil (Multiple Personality)
Inner M (Ego Fall)
Into the Night (Whisper Of Tears)
Iq band (Good Luck Good Bye)
Keep Running For Metal (Hell Savior)
L and R (Wang Wen)
Lost In Citylights (From the Red)
Metal-Weld (Dinkumoil)
Metal Doesn't Say Sorry (Bad Mamasan)
Mongolian Folk Music (Ajinai)
Multi-Ego (Multi-Ego)
Naraka (Yi Yue)
Pairs (Pairs)
Progressive Anemia (Leukaemia)
Queen of Fucking Everything (Subs)
Rakasasa (Rakasasa)
Records (Luktomo)
Rehearsal (Chaotic Aeon)
Saving Molly EP (Saving Molly)
Secret Of Black Silk Stokkings (The Dark Prison Massacre)
Sell my Soul (Thallus)
Stegosaurus? 剑龙? (Stegosaurus? 剑龙?)
Tarot Saint (Tarot Saint)
Tengger Cavalry (Tengger Cavalry)
The Bullet Catch (The Phoenix Prestige)
The Era (Jay Chou)
The Greed of Man (AV Okubo)
The Hidden Woodland (VA)
The Last Successor (The Last Successor)
The Melodyism (Powell Young)
The New Atlantis EP (Rainbow Danger Club)
Thirteen Shanghai Classic Pop-Rock Hit Songs (Top Floor Circus)
Time (NewTank)
Travelers (The Travellers)
Underground NWOBHM Bands (Dinkumoil)
Wave (Queen Sea Big Shark)
White Shadows (Fragile)
Will She Be There (Tookoo)
World of Confusion (Suffocated)
XXX (Twisted Machine)
Yi Yue (Yi Yue)
You are not the loser (Yaksa)
Young Rebel (S.A.W.)
冬 (Bai Shui)
孕育生命的不只是母体 (Four Five)
忤逆的遗物 (Ren Zhi)
时间 (Bai Shui)

10 Years of King Ly Chee (King Ly Chee)
A Journey To 1989 (DeMmY)
Across the Silent Forest (Original Sin)
All the Resistance Comes from the Body Yearning for Freedom (Ritual Day)
Alt Senior (Alt Senior)
Any Monkey Is Dangerous (Hot and Cold)
Awake (5-Pointed Star)
Back in Black (Back in Black)
Beijing Blues (Woodie Alan Band)
Believe in Jane (Jane Zhang)
Blue Day Dreaming (Hedgehog)
Bury Ye (Somber Poetry For Dying Thee)
Chaotic Aeon (Chaotic Aeon)
Cold Fairyland Finland Tour 2008 DVD (Cold Fairyland)
Colour (Bloody Woods)
Crystal Beat On The Dirty Dance EP (Tookoo)
Death is Utopia (Silent Resentment)
Demo (Chaotic Aeon)
Downtown Production (Brain Failure)
EP (X is Y)
Eagle (Mamer)
Eclipse of the Dark Lunar (Screaming Savior)
End Leaving (Be Persecuted)
Fate of this life (Chuanzi)
Final Victory (The Barque of Dante)
Format Memory Space (The Raving Radio)
Four Five (Four Five)
Funeral Apocalypse (Funeral)
G-Eleven (G-Eleven)
GAWTMY (Girls Are Waiting To Meet You)
H.I.D.D.E.N (LIman)
Hell Savior (Hell Savior)
Holiday EP (Hard Queen)
How damn far to YinMa Lane? (8 Eye Spy)
I Will Be Back! (Loudspeaker)
If you don't understand then I can't explain it to you (Pentatonic)
In The Quiet Road (Fu Xi)
Infinite Sound (The Raving Radio)
Jane@Music (Jane Zhang)
LP (X is Y)
Lost Dreams (Whisper Of Tears)
Maybe Tonight (Joyside)
Mind Shop (Muscle Snog)
Name It Yourself (Fading Horizon)
Never Ending (Tomb Sound)
Next Episode: Lord. Smart Vs Dr. Jin (LAVA.OX.SEA)
No Party People (24 Hours)
Nucleus (Nucleus)
Original Sin / E.D.I.E.H. (Original Sin)
Ourself Beside Me (Ourself Beside Me)
Reflections in the Lake (Nightingale)
Rehearsal Demo (Brainwashed)
Reserved (Boojii)
S-file (Sonnet)
Saving Molly Special Limited Edition (Saving Molly)
Sell my Soul (Thallus)
Songs That Sell Out (Arrows Made of Desire)
Songs for Lucy (A.J.Alex & After wet season)
Spiritual immolated (Regicide)
Sunset Eden (Die From Sorrow)
Teenage (Casino Demon)
The Bigger Bang (The Bigger Bang)
The Brilliant Gia (Gia)
The China EP (Pet Conspiracy)
The Gar (The Gar)
The Performance of Identity (Xiao He)
The Traces of Mist (Gol Dolan)
The World Has Become a Fairytale (Sand)
Trash Can (Sun Ye)
Underground 2008 (Chaos Mind)
Victory of the Holocaust (Skeletal Augury)
Waiting (RandomK(e))
Watch out! Climate has changed, fat mum rises... (Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues)
Weltreich (The Samans)
When the light goes off (Triple Smash)
White (White)
Who Will Survive (No Name)
You Can Listen, You Can Talk (Carsick Cars)
在路上 EP (The Travellers)
改变你的生活 (Miserable Faith)
末世僵尸交响 (Septicaemia)
极夜 (Frosty Eve)
滴落的时光 EP (Zhang Guo Nian)
白水鉴心 (Bai Shui)
雨来 (Bai Shui)

"Meng Noize" Live@4live,2007,08,31 (Muscle Snog)
404 (Septicaemia)
A Chase in the Night (E.D.I.E.H.)
A Distance For 7 Years (Tookoo)
A Hippo Wildly Grinds Its Teeth Bank Side (Mao Dou + Lu Chen)
A Pleasure To Be Here EP (Boys Climbing Ropes)
Angry Jerks (Angry Jerks)
Apathy/Blank Tearful Cafard (Keinviik)
Autumn Soil promo (E.D.I.E.H.)
Baby sing to me (Power Milk)
Back in Black (Back in Black)
Bastards Of The Nation (Demerit)
Battle of Demons In the Holy Land (Yi Yue)
Beijing Bubbles DVD
Beijing Calling EP (Brain Failure)
Beloved, our deserted landscape (LAVA.OX.SEA)
Black Depression (Original Sin)
Burning at moment (Narakam)
Butterfly Catastrophe (E.D.I.E.H.)
Chaotic Dances the Function (Sulumi)
City Weather Sailing (P.K. 14)
Concert (Supermarket)
Conflict (Explosicum)
Death Knell From Misanthropic Kingdom
Demo (Pungent Liquid)
Die With Me (Overdose)
Dirty Party (LIman)
Drinkin' Alone (Black Cat Bone)
Endless Wine (Cloth)
Equal Love (New Pants)
Frozen Heaven (Frozen Cross)
Frozen Moon (Frozen Moon) (Re-Release)
Great Restoration (Super VC)
Heavy Metal Rock is the Best Music (LAVA.OX.SEA)
Heng Yun Ta Yue (Kasasis)
IMirror: Soundscapes of SL (Zafka)
IV (Wang Wen)
Illicit Intercepts EP (The Rogue Transmission)
Introducing Hanggai (HangGai)
Is It Real EP (Shou Wang)
Journey (Lacerate)
Journey (Lacerate) (VHS)
Kaleidoscope (A Hidden Trace)
Knight of Romantic (Tang Dynasty)
Lunar Eclipse (Lunar Eclipse)
Mother Earth (Activated Carbon)
My Cock Is The Truth (The Dark Prison Massacre)
Night Wish (Zwrust)
Other Songs (Joyside)
Overdose EP (Overdose)
Pet Conspiracy EP (Pet Conspiracy)
Pink Punk (Recycle & alterEGO)
Pino (Gol Dolan)
Poltergeist: Cinerarium (Proximity Butterfly)
Post Haze (B6)
Promo (Skeletal Augury)
Psychedelic Elephant (Dead J)
Qiu Hong (Autumn Red)
Raging Mob (Raging Mob)
Recall The Nightmare (The Illusion Of Dawn)
Remember to Forget (A Hidden Trace)
Rock City (Ordnance)
Rumbling Footsteps (Glamorous Pharmacy)
Samsara (Yi Yue)
Scream (Chaos Mind)
Silver Daydream (Hua Lun)
Slaughter of Love in Hogpen (Pungent Liquid)
Small Joke (Small Joke)
Spectral Summoning (Claustrophobia)
Spirit Of Mongolia (Ego Fall)
Suicidal Engagement (Heartless)
Switchblades at Dawn (Nanahara Shuya)
Take Me Away (Perdel)
Take Your Soul (Evocation)
Ten Years Rebellion (SMZB)
The Antikythera Mechanism (Proximity Butterfly)
The Boat (The Swamp)
The Color of Love (Jasmine Chen)
The Metamorphosis (The Swamp)
The Music Won't Be Stopped (Miserable Faith)
The Return (Ziyo)
The Seventh Day (Thin Man)
Toreador (Toreador)
Unknown Artists (Yin Tsar)
Unstoppable (AK-47)
Voodoo Kungfu (Voodoo Kungfu)
Water (The Honeys)
We can't help kissing each other (Low Wormwood)
Whispering Solitude (Vergissmeinnicht)
You have choices, don't you? (Torte Bus)
九个远方 (6 Kings)
五指 EP (Low Wormwood)
冬 (Bai Shui)
向热血与青春致敬 (LR)
巻・壹 (Terminal Lost)
我们没有走进二十一世纪 (Subs)
把光芒洒向更开阔的地方 (Sound Fragment)
灰蓝色 EP (Oxygen Can)
蓝色的故乡 EP (Gang Zi)
骑骡仙 (Top Floor Circus & Glorious Pharmacy)

2007 2006 2005

"Meng Noize" Live@4live,2007,08,31 (Muscle Snog)
0306 EP (Wang Wen)
24 Hour Party People (24 Hours)
5 Years Of Keysmet Productions (VA)
7 (Tookoo)
7 Objects in Another Infinite Space (Wang Wen)
80's (The Wheels)
A Hidden Trace (A Hidden Trace)
A Lonely Wolf (Wasteland)
A Sapless Leave Withering in the Night Fog (Dark Fount)
Absence (Mafeisan)
Acoustic View (ME:MO)
Afar (Loudspeaker)
Afterimage Of Autumn (Zuriaake)
Aglare Light (Aglare Light)
Apocalypse Of the Sound (Bloody Woods)
As Vivid As Your Lips (Sulumi VS Usk)
Automatictown (Autopuzzle)
Awakening of Blind Fire (Narakam)
Beijing Bubbles OST (VA)
Beijing To Boston (Brain Failure)
Beijing Volume One 7" (Joyside/The Scoff)
Beijing Volume Two 7" (Car-Sick Cars)
Black Romance (From Chaos)
Black Tomb (Wrath of Despot)
Blood And Honour (Aglare Light)
Booze at Neptune's Dawn (Joyside)
Booze at Neptune's Dawn (Joyside) (China Release)
Caffe-In (Caffe-In)
Carsick Cars (Carsick Cars)
Claustrophobic Room 444 (Claustrophobia)
Coming Down To Beijing (Brain Failure)
Constantine'Summons (Gol Dolan)
Contemplating Men & Gloomy Face (Gol Dolan)
Cut Off! (US Version) (Re-TROS)
Demain, la gloire (Sober)
Demo (Blood Funk)
DengeL (Dengel)
Die in Despair (Original Sin)
Dying Dreamland (Frosty Eve)
Easy World (Zhong Chi)
Evil Forest (Original Sin)
Extreme Intent Fatal Effect (Regicide)
Fading Horizon Debut Show (Fading Horizon)
Fast Lane (Yin Ts'ang)
Fight for Victory (Victorious War)
Gol Dolan (Gol Dolan)
Harder! Piston (Zaliva-D)
Hollow (Hollow)
How Far Away From One Heart To Another (The Linga)
I.I (Be Persecuted)
In Search of the King (33rd Island)
Jack-In-A-Box (Silent G)
Like Playing to a Cow (Spiral Cow)
Lost Dream (The Swamp)
Lost Paradise (Flying Fruit)
Love The Linga (The Linga)
Low Wormwood (Low Wormwood)
Made In China (Point Blank)
Media Murdered the Young (The Los)
Misanthropic (Original Sin)
Mongolian Folk Music (Hanggai)
Mourning Soul / Original Sin (Original Sin)
Nipping Tongue (CMCB)
No Dream Is Good Dream(Lonely Planet Boy 1969)
No Sin of Sin (Night Watcher)
No more nice girls (Hang on the Box)
Noise Hit World (Hedgehog)
Party is over, pornostar (Snapline)
Pop Songs (Monkey Power)
Process (Lawrence Ku Septet)
Queen Sea Big Shark (Queen Sea Big Shark)
Seeds on the Ground (Cold Fairyland)
Sick & Tired (No Name)
Sick and Tired (No Name)
TV Monkey (Convenience Store)
That Long (Cloth)
The Epical Trilogy of Vorlaufen I: Night Master (Varuna)
The Reason (The Reason)
Time to flow back (The Swamp)
Ulcer (Che Lie)
Update (Jane Zhang)
Valkyrie's Prediction (VA)
Varuna (Varuna)
Velvet Highway (Muma & Third Party)
War Plague (Evilthorn)
Weird Ballads In My Town (Eltan Renaxy)
What Has Happened To Me In This World (Sulumi)
一个早已成为童话的世界 (Sand)
成长瞬间 (Reflector)
时间 (Bai Shui)
致吸血鬼的五曲 (A.J.Alex)

All the Things Are Better Than You Imagine (Wan Xiaoli)
B6 Box (B6)
Be Persecuted (Be Persecuted)
Beautiful War (Tripazia)
Being EP (Twisted Machine)
Being Young Means Being Advocates, Not Rascals (Recycle)
Bitches of Rock'n'Roll (Joyside)
Bu (Miserable Faith)
Candy Monster (Candy Monster)
Chemical Climax (Zaliva-D)
Dance For Yourself (TooKoo)
Dark Fount (Dark Fount)
Dead Wind Rising (Suffocated)
Destroy my Life (Original Sin)
Down (Subs)
Dragon Tiger Panacae (New Pants)
Dream Situation (Coco Zhao and The Possicobilities)
Enthrone In Blizzard (Midwinter)
Five Elements (Wang Fan)
For The Motherwolf (Yn Gizarm)
Forming (VA)
Forsaken (Empylver)
Get Free (No Name)
Happy Hour (Co2)
Happy Idle Kid (Hedgehog)
Hard Heart (Queen Sea Big Shark)
Heavy Fvckin Black (Hellward)
I know someone will look into my eyes tomorrow (Sulumi)
Imperial Grand Strategy (Nanahara Shuya)
Invincible (Illusion)
Kali yuga (Mafeisan)
Keep on Fighting EP (Yaksa)
Kill or be killed (Last Chance of Youth)
Lingling-Rd 93 Revisited, Timmy! (Top Floor Circus)
Live at ARK (Cold Fairyland)
Live at D-22 (Car-Sick Cars)
Mental Magic (Dead J)
Never Say Die (Demerit)
Never ending journey (Flip Side)
Northbound (E.D.I.E.H.)
Nowise Assault (718)
Ode Zum Nordschneeland (E.D.I.E.H.)
On the streets (Xu Wei)
Phobia About Life (From Chaos)
Proud Of The Way (MiSanDao)
Psycho Candy (Psycho Candy)
RE:RE:RE: (Wang Wen)
Rapes Joy (Virus of Predacity)
Scream for life (SMZB)
ShangHen YaoGun (Three Yellow Chicken)
Sixteen (Original Sin)
Songs That Sell Fish (Arrows Made of Desire)
Sorrow (Lonely China Day)
South (48V)
Spring Autumn (Spring and Autumn)
Static Scenery (ME:MO)
Stereo Chocolate (Sulumi)
Strength in Numbers (Shepherds the Weak)
Summer and Winter (Torte Bus)
Support the umbrella to stand in dust that float float (Wu Quan)
Tango of Ecstasy (Christina)
The Dream (Kasasis)
The Drifting Heart EP (The Swamp)
The Mirage (Kasasis)
The One (Jane Zhang)
Viva la vaches (tie guan yin duo)
Weather on remote (Channel 9)
Women In The Hole (Bloody Woods)
Wood Woud Would (Empylver)

A Gift From Super VC (Super VC)
Abandounen (E.D.I.E.H.)
Acoustic EP (Tookoo)
American Dreamer (Brain Failure) (US Edition)
Autumn of Sad Ode / Siming of Loulan (Zuriaake / Yn Gizarm)
City (The Swamp)
Cut Off! (Re-TROS)
Demo (The Last Successor)
Don't break my core (iloop)
Empylver (Empylver)
Endless Suicide (Heartless)
Eponymous EP (Lonely China Day)
Flowing Lights (Gol Dolan)
From The Last Century (Sonnet)
Frozen Moon (Frozen Moon)
Ghost Temple (D!O!D!O!D!)
Godot.1 (Godot)
Halo with Holy Wings (Halo with Holy Wings)
Hanggai (Hanggai)
Lava (Continent Faultage)
Lost Eternal (206 and Thinkers)
Make It Dirty (The Grinding Ear)
Marrow (Marrow)
Mental Imagery (Dead J)
My Post-Rock Yard (B6)
Nijigen Gangsta E.P (AMNJK)
Out Of Control (Mafeisan)
Oxygen Can (Oxygen Can)
Paean for Hero (The Barque of Dante)
Pleasure of Mania (Cankered Corpse)
Secret Mission (Wednesday's Trip)
Shop For The Insomniac (Sulumi)
Show you colour (Cui Jian)
Silence (Hollow)
Start Off (AK-47)
Strange Meat (Spiral Cow)
Struggle (Ordnance)
That Year (Xu Wei)
The Sand (Sand)
The Swamp (The Swamp) (Jingwen Release)
Tomb's Wolf (Filter)
Ulcerate Compulsorily (Ling Chi)
Under life is... (Sound Fragment)
Visit - partial works - remix (Sulumi)
Water Chestnut (Eria)
Wei Jin Jin (Silver Ash)
White Paper (P.K. 14)
X.T.X (XTX & Cold Blooded Animal)
You Awaken from a Deep Sleep (Ashura)
我们究竟应该面对谁去歌唱 (Kidney)
殇之花 II (VA)
殇之花 I (VA)
麻沸散 (Mafeisan)

2004 2003 2002

01 (NAND)
2 Dimensions EP (The Swamp)
A Dream In Our Hearts 7" (Si Dou Le)
American Dreamer (Brain Failure)
An (718)
Breaking away from the orbit (The Swamp)
Bride in Legend (Cold Fairyland)
Demo (Spring Autumn)
Drunk is beautiful (Joyside)
Eight Fragments (Dou Wei)
Excruciate (Yi Yue)
Face the Sea (Dim Nova)
Five Star (Convenience Store)
Foxy Lady (Hang on the Box)
Fuck the red land (The Believers)
Glide like a leaf (Ruins)
Holy War (Moss)
It's new for every moment (Xu Wei)
July 4 (MousoN)
Live in Nameless Highland (Tookoo)
Nasty Fantasy (UNiXX)
Out of Control (Silver Ash)
Prosperous (Supermarket)
Ritual Day (EP) (Ritual Day)
SUBS Life (EP) (Subs)
Shei Shei Shei He Shei Shei Shei (P.K. 14)
Something Of Death (Heartless)
Spirit Trace (Spirit Trace)
Split CD (Ritual Day)
Ten Days In Magic Land (Cold Fairyland)
The Doctrine Mirror (Eria)
The Grinding Ear (The Grinding Ear)
The wonderful trip (Soundtoy)
Tomorrow never die (Ashura)
Velly Empire (Muma)
View (Wu Quan)
We Don't Need That Shit!! (No Name)
Who moved my Zhajiang Noodle? (CMCB)
YaZi (MCD+LIVE - Ululate)
最低级的小市民趣味 (Top Floor Circus)
馨 (Wang Lei)

AK-47 in Tianjin (AK-47)
Air inhibition of Water (Sulumi)
Apple Jam (Apple Jam)
Belleville (Wang Lei)
Black Tomb (Black Tomb)
Di Di Di (Hang on the Box)
Dusty Face (Falling)
Everything Sucks (Joyside)
Evidence of the Crime (Moss)
FA FA FA (Yaksa)
Faith Tree (Eria)
Foggy Town (Heresy)
For the People (Yin Ts'ang)
Harrfluss (Harrfluss)
IZ at River Bar 2003 (IZ)
Keep everything fuckin' chaos (The Believers)
Kingdom of Benevolent Strangers (Cold Fairyland)
Never End (Silver Ash)
Return To Underground (Twisted Machine)
Sin (Scatter Sand)
Sky Lake (Ritual Day)
Stand Strong (King Ly Chee)
Summer Palace (Buddha and Friends)
The Azrael and Destiny (206 and Thinkers)
The Doctor (The Swamp)
This Unholy Lamb (Falling)
Turn on the Distortion! (Brain Failure)
Video Show 2002-2003 (Tookoo)
Yellow Star (EP) (Muma)
不详 (UNKNOWN) EP (Kidney)
深邃的黒暗 (Darkness over Depth)
结束等于开始 (Lure)

2065 Flying Fingers (Powell Young)
58 mm (A4)
A wishful way (Hopscotch)
Anarchy In The P.R.C. (Anarchy Jerks/Brain Failure)
Beijing Dream (Thin Man)
Burning Youth (Shitdog)
Clamp Down (MiSanDao)
Come back (The Compass)
Darkness Over Depth EP (Darkness over Depth)
Dream Of Moribund (Purgatory)
Evilthorn (Evilthorn)
Hades (Hades)
Kongfu (CMCB)
Never Satisfy/A Wonderful Day (Free Birds)
Oi! The Sound From Teenage (Anarchy Boys)
On the Streets (The Honeys)
Pray Part (Silver Ash)
Quasimodo (Quasimodo)
Record (Lonely China Day)
Shanghai Ark Live (Wild Children)
Silver Ash (Silver Ash)
The Man Who Hate The Shadow (Panda Twin)
The Sea (Purple Halo)
The world is a noise garden (Sound Fragment)
Through the Time (Xu Wei)
Try It On For Size (Ronez)
We Are Going to Eat You!!! (Ululate)
We are automatic (New Pants)
When A Nigger Loves A Punker (Tookoo)
Yellow Banana (Hang on the Box)
我想你会在我的怀抱里说声你爱我 (Lure)
走过来 走过去 (Wan Xiaoli)
飞的高的鸟不落在跑不快的牛的背上 (Xiao He)

2001 2000 1999

50,000 (SMZB)
Another Season in Hell (The Nutcrackers)
Dead City (Tomahawk)
Double Life (Super VC)
Flying Over The City (Cold Fairyland)
M-Day (A4)
Mayhem (Cankered Corpse)
Organum (Silver Ash)
Painter (Tongue)
Red Brick Wall EP (The Swamp)
Sound of meditation within the body (Wang Fan)
The AK-47 Band (AK-47)
The Return Of The Rock (Tookoo)
The Stars Fell On My Head (Sand)
The Swamp (The Swamp)
The Top Floor Circus EP (Top Floor Circus)
This's a problem (Miserable Faith)
Twisted Machine (Twisted Machine)
Viva!Viva!Viva! (Tookoo)
Wuhan Punk 7" (SMZB)
上楼就往左拐 (P.K. 14)
做作得很自然 (Lu Chen)
性感的叛国青年 (Lure)
盘古 (Punk God)

Cobra II (Cobra)
Cold Blooded Animal (Cold Blooded Animal)
Demo (P.K. 14)
Demo (The Wall)
Disco Girl (New Pants)
Freedom (Yaksa)
Gu Chong (Gu Chong)
Hymn (Heresy)
It's always rainy day (Bluroasis & A.J.Alex)
Muma (Muma)
Noises inside (VA)
Panther (Black Panther)
Seven kind of Weapons (Supermarket)
Sound of Prison (Stale Corpse)
That Year (Xu Wei)
We Are Who We Are (King Ly Chee)
烂掉吧 (P.K. 14)

Awake (Underbaby)
Carolane (The Swamp)
Hallucinations (Dou Wei)
Thin Man I (Thin Man)

1998 1997 1996

214 Days and 3 vomit youth (Lure)
Can't let worries have no chances for expression (Black Panther)
Epic (Tang Dynasty)
Missing Master (No)
Mountain River (Dou Wei)
New Pants (New Pants)
The Look (Supermarket)
The power of the powerless (Cui Jian)

I won't forget the past (Powell Young)
In Another Place (Xu Wei)
No way to escape (The Compass)
好极了!? (Sober)
第一册 (Confucius Says)

I say what I mean (ADO Band)
No Right No Wrong (Black Panther)
Overload (Overload)
夜的尖叫 (Wang Lei)

1995 1994 1993

Cobra (Cobra)
Sunny Days (Dou Wei)

'85 Review (Cui Jian)
Balls under the red flag (Cui Jian)
Dark Dreams (Dreaming)
Garbage Dump (He Yong)
Hypocrisy (Cobra)

Choose to be Strong (The Compass)
Live Concert in Beijing (Cui Jian)
Spirit of Light (Black Panther)

1992 1991 1990

A dream returns to Tang Dynasty (Tang Dynasty)
Never Too Late (Sammi Cheng)

Black Panther (Black Panther)
Breathing (The Breathing)
Holiday (Sammi Cheng)

Sammi (Sammi Cheng)
Secret (The Martyr)
Solution (Cui Jian)

1989 1988 1987

Rock'n'Roll on the new long march (Cui Jian)

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1986 1985 1984

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Vagabond's Return (Cui Jian)

1983 1982 1981

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