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Acupuncture Records


Beijing's home-grown electronic label, Acupuncture Records, was launched in 2007 and encompasses eight DJs/producers, who have originated and helped groom China's flourishing electronic music scene, from organizing events to producing their own records. The core group of artists is composed of Weng Weng, Gao Hu, Huang Weiwei, X.L.F., ELVIS.T, Pancake Lee, Xiao Feng, and Terry Tu, and their combination of experience, youth, musical talent and persistence are allowing them to live their dream of cultivating a bona fide electronic music presence in China.

Since their inception, Acupuncture Records has assembled China's best DJs, VJs and party promoters. From having less than 100 attendees at their intimate "Minimal Hit" parties, to over 2,000 people at their epic Genesis New Years revelry, Acupuncture Records has shown that their unforgettable electronic music performances are their key to success, whether they are in small underground venue, an upscale club or a modish warehouse in Beijing's infamous 798 Art District.

Through event planning and music promotion, Acupuncture Records has endured to promote and support both China's club and electronic music culture, with its name being synonymous with the local electronic music scene. With their major vision and goal to provide sound development for electronic music culture, both in China and worldwide, Acupuncture Records will continue to produce records, distribute music, organize events, and manage artists with their utmost effort and passion.

Acupuncture's core group have been DJing, producing and promoting for more than a decade, and although their styles have emerged over the years, Acupuncture Records has kept one aspect of their work constant, which is having music as their core foundation and to always stay true to themselves.

-- Taken from their Facebook profile

The Ancient Art of Cultivating Dance Floor Qi

By Carissa Welton

In Beijing, a lot can happen in one year. The last 12 months painted a perfect example of the capital’s light-speed changes and developments. While September 2007 to 2008 will always be recognized as the culminating period of the city’s landscape and culture transformation, it also marks a notable epoch in China’s history of electronic music. Acupuncture Records will celebrate their 1 year anniversary at the end of this month, heralding a birthday bash justly poised like a rising phoenix from the post-Olympic ashes.

Over the last year, Weng Weng, Gao Hu, Huang Weiwei, X.L.F., ELVIS.T, Pancake Lee, Xiao Feng, Terry Tu and Miao Wong have become synonymous household names passed around the breakfast tables of the local electronic music community. Many remember how Acupuncture Records took Beijing’s nightlife events by storm within the first 3 months of their collective arrival on the scene, as their parties grew from 100 guests to more than 2,000.

How did this clan of 8 deejays and their tireless spokeswoman become such sensations overnight? The answer is they didn’t. The truth about Acupuncture Records is that it’s a team formed of recruited members with one aim in mind: to establish and produce China’s very own independent electronic music label. While only in the first year stages of attaining that goal, the roots of the crew collectively reaches back to the early developments of electronic music in the PRC.

“We are naturally influenced by traditional Chinese culture when it comes to producing electronic music, and have our own unique aesthetic taste. At the same time, Acupuncture is very open, and would love to communicate more with the global music community,” stated Weng Weng, pioneer of the early Beijing rave scene and the big brother of Acupuncture Records.

Weng Weng’s musical career started out in the early 90s playing guitar in the metal band 􃑶􂚻􃙝. Traces of his rock background can still be heard in the hard-edged garage sounds he incorporates into his music today. In 1997 Weng Weng transitioned to DJing and organizing electronic music parties in Beijing. He co-founded the “China Pump Factory” with DJ partners Yang Bing and Will Yorke in early 2000. Together the crew hosted the first outdoor rave on the Great Wall.

Weng Weng was catapulted to international success in August 2001 after being invited to play for a crowd of more than 40,000 at the Zurich Street Parade. In the years that led up to forming Acupuncture Records, he concentrated on developing his skills as an artist and producer. His track “Morning Mists” was recorded and released in 2006 on a compilation album with Modern Sky Records.

Acupuncture Records was conceived the following year in the southern outskirts of Beijing at Xiao Linfeng (X.L.F.)’s studio. “We don’t really have that much in common other than music. When we’re together that’s all we talk about,” X.L.F said. DJing electronic music and promoting the scene locally and internationally since 1997, X.L.F. is also a professional audio engineer for commercial productions. Before publicly unveiling themselves in city center nightclubs the very first Acupuncture parties were intimate affairs held at his studio.

X.L.F., Weng Weng, Gao Hu and Huang Weiwei had all been involved in the early Beijing rave scene since the late 90s. They connected with contemporaries Pancake Lee, ELVIS.T, and Lee Xiao Feng through an overlapping network of DJs, clubs, and parties. DJ Terry Tu jumped behind the decks after working on soundtracks for several mainland blockbusters, including Zhang Yimou's "Curse of the Golden Flower" and Chen Kaige’s "The Promise". Each artist contributes a signature style of techno ranging from downbeat lounge to upbeat tech-house.

“We each have our own approaches to the music we play, but we share techniques and influence each other in the studio,” explained Taiwanese festival organizer, renown DJ, and recording artist, ELVIS.T. Last year Pancake Lee (aka Da Bing) inducted ELVIS into his DJ collective PENG and convinced him to move to Beijing. ELVIS.T’s edgy electro-driven techno and Pancake’s bass heavy euphoric house beats have allowed the two to arrange back to back sets that keep the dance floor packed.

While Acupuncture focused on promotion and recording in their first year, the main concept for the label is to produce individual artist recordings. While options for digital releases have been explored, each Acupuncturist is an audio purist resistant to compromising their artistic values and recording their debut album on anything but vinyl. Entering into their second year, Acupuncture plans to tackle the challenges of pressing vinyl records in China and managing independent distribution.

Resolving the legal, economic, and logistical issues for such an endeavor is by no means an easy task. However, given the talent, knowledge, and determination of the group, I wouldn’t put it past them. After grabbing their first compilation CD at their one year anniversary on September 30th, invitations for a record release party may follow. Who knows, maybe there’ll be 8 release parties by this time in 2009? Remember, a lot can happen in the course of a year.

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