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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: A Tribute to Zhang Ju, Goodbye, Zhang Ju / 再见张炬
Release Date: 1996
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: JH-1296,ISRC CN F13-97-0008-0/JH-1297,A・J6,ISRC CN F13-97-0009-0/A・J6 (Tape)
JCD-4235,ISRC CN F13-97-0008-0/A・J6,JCD-4236,ISRC CN F13-97-0009-0/A・J6 (CD)

Track Listing

  1. Luan Shu - That Day
  2. Tang Dynasty - Tang Dynasty live In Chongqing Oct.18,1994, afterwards a radio interview with Zhang Ju
  3. Ding Wu - Living In Your Dream
  4. Zhang Chu - My Eyelash Are Almost Gone In The Wind
  5. Hua Zi - Let's Kick The Road
  6. Zang Tian Shuo - Little Brother
  7. Xie Si - Greetings For Birthday And Memorial
  8. Kaiser Kuo - Your Vision
  9. Gao Qi - Deep Green Meadow
  10. The Face - Habit
  11. Tang Dynasty - Dream Over Moon
  12. Dou Wei - 婉啼
  13. Tang Dynasty - Tang Dynasty live In Chongqing Oct.18,1994, afterwards a radio interview with Zhang Ju
  14. Chen Jin - On The Wings Of Love And Freedom - Trip To The Himalayas
  15. Zhang Ju - Untitled


(c) Jack Tang (3.5 out of 5 stars)

It's hard to write a review for this album. This double CD is put together for a great cause - to commemorate and celebrate the life of Zhang Ju, the late bassist of Tang Chao. So I feel kinda biased and reluctant to say any bad thing about it, although the album did not turn out as good as I expected it to be. But then, I don't want to say it's the greatest album of all time just because it is made for Zhang Ju. So here it goes:

The album has lots of rock talents in Beijing such as Dou Wei, Zhang Chu, The Face, Gao Qi, Zang Tiansu, and of course, Tang Chao. As something made to remember a deceased friend and a musical commerade, saddness is the prevailing mood in this album. The first song "That Day" by Luan Shubin ( aka Luan Shu, Hei Bao's ex-lead singer and keyboardist ) is his first solo song I've heard, and it's surprisingly beautiful. The newly arranged "Moon Dream" by Tang Chao is bound to be another classic. The song gets even more peaceful and dreamier, with the incredible beautiful guitar work from Lao Wu ( Liu Yijun ) and female background vocal. I think this version is much better than the original one.

"Habit" by The Face is the only "loud" song on the album. It sounds quite grungy, a departure from The Face's hard rock/metal pop roots. The song is not bad itself, but I just feel kinda weird when I see The Face trying to jump on the Grunge/Alternative bandwagon. The best song on the album is definitely "Green Meadows" by Gao Qi of Overload. But don't expect his trademark metal vocal here, it's just him and an acoustic guitar. I really admire the dynamic range of his song writing talent. Peaceful, great melody, great lyric, this song grows more and more into you after each listen. You can really feel his sorrow for Zhang Ju, it's a very moving song.

Other songs did not impress me much. The song by Ding Wu is fairly good, but, I don't want to sound rude or anything, he sounds like he is having a cold. Dou Wei's instrumental piece relies on synthesizer too much, it can't help coming off sounding a bit cheezy. ( I still can't quite get used to his "Sunny Days" album. )

Overall, this is a good album. It might not be as good as many people expected, but I think Zhang Ju would be happy to see so many of his friends come together and made this album to remember him.

What's great:

Collaboration of Beijing rock talents on a meaningfull album.

What's no-so-great:

Maybe a little bit too sad. Some songs are not as good as I expected.


Further Information

  • A tribute record for the memorial of Tang Dynasty's bassist Zhang Jun, who died on May 11th 1995
  • Yaogun.com page
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