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1724 Records


General information

a micro label from beijing,china.

1724 was established on 06 2006, they focus on Chinese mainland indie music. But they chose on label leader’s personal preference, as “one man label”. They don’t exclude marketing during running the label and try our best to avoid control by it.

17 to 24 years old, warm and happy. This is not the definition of music type and products. But is the core of 1724 records.

In an interview in April 2012, Road End (Founder) was asked on the beginnings of 1724 Records and he responded:

When I was 19 (in 1997), first time i listened to The Beatles and rock n roll became my favorite music.After that,as a fan,I bought lot's of rock cds,read different kinds of Chinese rock magazines. Also chat with others who like me and share our feelings about music on the internet. In 2004,with one of my net friends,we started a music bbs,try to gather people who has the same music taste together,that bbs is "indiechina.com". In that time,there weren't any similar websites in China. I knew some musicians,they didn't know how to promote their music,or how to held a concert though i think their music is excellent,such as the band "48V",the first artist of 1724 Records. They found me by one of my friends, and hoped that I can help them to release a first full-length,and make an inner-land tour for them. So,I started to try to these things for 48V,with 5 friends of mine.That is the beginning of 1724 Records. As a fan, I tried to be professional and I chose to use the internet. That was on Children's Day of 2006.[1]

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  1. Interview with Road End of 1724 Records (2012)

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